Black Widow I
Yelena Belova (Earth-RSR)
Vital statistics
Aliases Widow
Affiliation Winter Guard
Base of Operations Russia
Relatives Natalia Belova/Black Widow II
Age 31
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Skin Slavic
Unusual Features None known
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-RSR
Place of Birth St. Petersburg, Russia
Created by Jacky 50A
Quote1 And for her bravery, Black Widow will be forever remembered as the spirit heart of the Winter Guard Quote2
- Black Widow being remembered by Red Guardian

Quote1 150 completed missions with no failure, red spangled man. I think you shouldn't underestimate me. Quote2
Black Widow I

Yelena Belova, codenamed Black Widow was one of the core members of the Winter Guard, and it's weapons specialist. A long time spy for Russia during the last years of the Soviet Union, Yelena was know for not being as ruthless as many of her comrades in battle, fighting for a larger peace of the world rather than just for the motherland. She was ultimately killed by Kano, an Australian spy on the Winter Guard, who was there under the orders of Tony Stark to infiltrate the Guard.

Yelena's death prompted her younger sister Natalia into becoming a new Black Widow and search for her sister's killer to make him pay.


Early Life

Quote1 Secrecy, my friend. Me and my sister got a long history, but no, we don't share our life-story to strangers a lot. Quote2
Yelena to Superman

Much of Yelena's history were classified, along with her sister. However, it was known that she and her sister were born in St. Petersburg. Yelena said that she shared a strong bond with her sister, and had a rough childhood. Other than, nothing was known. 

The Widow's Sting

Quote1 A lot of special people joined the KGB. Me and my sister joined the same organization. Fun fact: We're the first "special" people. Quote2
Yelena explaining her involvement with the KGB


Quote1 Quiet of a femme fatale, she is. Though to remember, she isn't that kind of person at times. Quote2
Red Star about Black Widow I

A cold and determined spy, Yelena will do anything in order to accomplish her missions. She can be a femme fatale at times, or an angry, direct fighter. Generally, Yelena is a calm person in public and wants to help others in their work. Yelena is also friendly to her comrades, no matter what are they. He also pays respect to those who lost and honors those who have sacrificed much for the country.

Powers and Abilities

Quote1 Once I saw her sparring with that "wraith" thing in our group... He unleashed fires and then fought her in close quarters... And since then, our vision about her changed... Quote2
Colossus about Yelena

Yelena does not possess any special superpowers, but her abilities in infiltration, espionage, and martial arts made her a deadly asset in the Winter Guard, even without powers. Her martial arts ability is also boosted furtherly with her agility and training. She is even considered the deadliest Winter Guard member, aside from Red Star being a living bomb. Neverthless, her abilities are:

  • Interrogation: Yelena is able to interrogate suspects or targets in many ways. Either forceful or what, she will do anything to extract information from the suspect. Yelena also employs several tortures to forcefully get information from the target, which somehow can be considered "good" by some Winter Guards, especially Scorpion. 
  • Infiltration: The main ability Yelena specializes in. In infiltration, she can be very stealthy. In one of her missions, she has been described to sneak into an enemy facility even without a sound and no guards there can hear her. Even this stealth has carried on to her social life. Red Wasp described her as someone who is quiet and unexpected, even in picking up stuffs. So stealthy that the other Guards thought that she stole a thing. Still, in a militaristic way, Yelena is very good in infiltration. Yelena is also good in espionage.
  • Marksmanship: Being trained in using neary all kinds of firearms, Yelena is able to fire weapons in an unbeatable accuracy. Helena is able to shoot even handguns accurately, sniper rifles in pinpoint accuracy and others. Even when moving, her accuracy is unrivaled.
  • Martial Arts and Expert Combatant: Considered as Yelena's second greatest ability. Yelena is very excellent in combat and martial arts. She mastered nearly all forms of combat, even said to be the greatest martial artist in the Winter Guard. Colossus said that he even saw Yelena beating Scorpion in hand to hand combat and a full non-CQC combat, even when Scorpion uses his "wraith" powers.


  • Unlike the 616 universe (mainstream), Yelena's and Natalia's Black Widow roles are reversed. Yelena being the first Black Widow while Natalia being the second.