X-Men 5
The team's original uniforms, only used on 1 mission.
Basic Information
Status Active
Alignment Good
Base of Operations Xavier-Lehnsherr Institute
Team Leader(s) Cerebro, Magneto
Current Members Toad, Banshee, Blob, Polaris, Cannonball, Shield, Amp, Chrome, Barnacle, Storm, Wolverine
Former Members Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Archangel, Beast, Iceman, Darwin, Firefist, Mistress, Petra, Gambit, Whiplash
Allies X-Factor, Acolytes, Avengers
Main Enemies Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Origin Formed to protect humanity from evil mutants.
Place of Formation Xavier-Lehnsherr Institute
Creator Next X-Man
Quote1 The X-Men are humanity's greatest protectors. We fight for everyone, saving mutants and humans alike, from threats that they can't handle. We are disowned for it, but what we do is right. No one else will step up and take the dream, so here we stand. Quote2

The X-Men are a group of mutants to protect the world from threats caused by other, more dangerous mutants. Their ultimate goal is mutant-human equality, but this takes a step back to make saving the world from those who would destroy it a priority.


Charles Xavier got the idea to found the X-Men when he was attacked by Erik Lehnsherr and paralyzed from the waist down. He was able to buy his mansion and convert it into a training facility. To form his team, he took 5 powerful mutants: a laser-eyed Cyclops, the telekinetic Marvel Girl, the winged Archangel, the super-strong Beast, and the cryokinetic Iceman. The team fought well, debuting against Erik under the new alias of Magneto. Soon after, Magneto formed his Brotherhood to be an evil parallel to the X-Men. They fought in an explosives factory, and when Cyclops attempted to shoot Quicksilver, a mutant with super-speed, he missed, and set off the explosives in the factory. This explosion killed both of them, along with Jean and a man named Mastermind. Following this point, Magneto and Toad joined the X-Men, while Scarlet Witch fled.

The new Brotherhood/X-Men merger was extremely successful. They were able to find 4 more mutants to train. They picked up Darwin, an evolving mutant, Petra, a geomorph, Firefist, a pyrokinetic, and Mistress, a mist-converting mutant. Everything went smoothly, until the original X-Men were sent to investigate a mutant, and disappeared on the island Krakoa. When the 4 were sent to rescue them, their mutant signatures disappeared off the Cerebro machine, meaning they were killed. A new squad was hastily formed to find them, including a new feral mutant, a weather controller, a transmutator, and a power amplifier. The new squad, along with a few others, went to Krakoa and found out Krakoa itself was the mutant. The team was able to defeat Krakoa, and everyone returned to the team, except for the remaining 3 of the original 5, who left. Soon Gambit and Whiplash also left, but this much was clear, the new Brotherhood/X-Men alliance would stand the test of time.

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