Basic Information
Status Active
Alignment Good
Base of Operations Worthington Manor
Team Leader(s) Elizabeth Braddock
Current Members Archangel





Former Members None
Allies X-Men
Main Enemies William Stryker, Apocalypse
Origin A team brought together by a subliminal thought put in their heads by Franklin Richards to be a more forceful version of the X-Men.
Place of Formation Worthington Manor
Creator PhotonCommander10
 X-Force is a team brought together by Franklin Richards as a more forceful approach to Charles Xavier's dream.


"There was a thought. An idea. We all came to it, and we all came together. We don't know why us, or how. But what we do know, is that we're going to change this world. For the better."

Victor Borkowski

Just A Thought

7 years into the future, the Future Foundation clone named Franklin Richards decided that the hatred of mutants in the future was too great. Being a mutant himself (due to the dormant X-Gene in Reed Richards), Franklin felt the need to help his people. He used the City's time travel facilities to travel to the present day. After several days of trying to stop the hatred of mutants, he turned to a different strategy, and put the idea of forming a team into the minds of four mutants. This was his first step to acheiving Mutant-Human peaceful coexistence.


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