"I have great power. You do know what comes with great power, don't you Mister Parker?"

-Wilson Fisk

Kingpin (4126)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Base of Operations Fisk Tower
Age 48
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Married
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Bald
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-4126
Place of Birth New York City
Created by Artemis Panther


Child in HYDRA

Wilson's parents were both high-ranking agents of HYDRA, very close to the Red Skull. As he grew up, his parents attempted to keep him away from HYDRA business, but he eventually joined in his teenage years. He was made fun of because he was overweight, and he eventually left, taking his parents' fortune with him. It wasn't long until both of them died in a plane crash.

Fisk Industries

As he grew older, Fisk became eviler and fatter. He formed a business called Fisk Industries, which was a cover so his new organization, Checkmate, could operate in secret. When HYDRA discovered that Wilson was their leader, they contacted him and they formed an alliance between the two groups.

Assassination of Richard and Mary Parker

One of Fisk's regular employees, Richard Parker, discovered Fisk runs Checkmate, and before he could be talked to, he quit his job and escaped. It wasn't long until one of Fisk's gangs found Richard and his family. They beat him and his wife to death, leaving his son all alone.

Funding Supervillain Activity

After severing his alliance with HYDRA, he made an alliance with another corrupt company; Oscorp. He and Norman Osborn worked together in order to create criminals capable of defeating the nuisance known as Spider-Man.

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