West Coast Monarchs
Basic Information
Status Active
Alignment Good
Base of Operations California Citadel
Team Leader(s) Wonder Man
Current Members Spider-Woman, Vision, Livewire, USAgent, Dane Whitman, Quake, Darkhawk
Former Members None
Allies the Monarchs
Main Enemies Ultron
Origin Founded by Nick Fury during World War II to help fight in the war.
Place of Formation the Citadel
Creator PhotonCommander10
 The West Coast Monarchs (Formerly simply 'Monarchs') is a team set up by Fury during World War II to keep peace and order.


Quote1 The Monarchs you see today aren't exactly the first...

Some secrets should stay hidden. But on this one occasion, you get to hear my greatest. I created a team in World War II, made up of...remarkable people. They helped a lot, and to be honest they were nearly as good as your team. Didn't you ever wonder why I proposed the name to your team? It has meaning. It's a symbol. Just not one anybody knows about. Quote2

World At War

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