Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom

Quote1 I am Doom... Destroyer of worlds... What gods dare stand against me? Quote2
Doctor Doom

Victor von Doom (a.k.a Doctor Doom) is a powerful mutant sorcerer, a scientist, and the monarch of Latveria. He is the archenemy of the Fantastic Four.


Early Life

Victor Von Doom was born in Haasenstadt, Latveria to Cynthia and Werner von Doom, who were members of the Zefiro, a local gypsy class in Latveria who were much maligned under the rule of King Vladimir. They were constantly forced to be on the run from the King's soldiers. While his father used traditional medicine and worked as a healer, Cynthia was a practitioner of sorcery.

Victor's mother was slain after foolishly making a pact with the demon Mephisto. Wherein she gained the power to attack the King's enemies with magic, but it came at the cost of the lives of all the children in a nearby village. This horrified Cynthia, and she became hunted by the King's men and eventually slain. Found by Werner, she had him promise not to let her son learn of or use the dark arts. Cynthia was buried in an unmarked grave, and when the other members of the Zeifro began speaking poorly of Cynthia, her own articulate son spoke up in her defence, also warning the other gyspys that continuing to speak poorly of her would force him to grow up to be just like his mother.

Growing up, Victor often played with Valeria, who was his only friend among his people, and eventually grew to love her. It was during this time that the King's wife became terminally ill with cancer and so he asks Werner to try and cure her. Saving the king's wife was out of Werner's power and she eventually died of her illness, and in retaliation the King ordered Werner's death. Werner then fled the Zefiro village with his son into the Latverian alps, and had to spend their night out in the elements after their horse ran off. Werner and Victor were found by another gypsy named Boris who brought them back to the village. There on his death bed, Werner put Victor in the care of Boris. His dying words were a warning of protection involving Victor. Boris presumed that Werner believe that he was being told to protect the world from his son. Furious over his father's death, Victor vowed to eventually get revenge.


Becoming Doctor Doom

The Fantastic Four


The Negative Zone


Iron Man

Doom War

Civil War

The Cabal

Secret Wars


Aiding Spider-Man

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