"The suit, it's taking over. Controlling my thoughts, my actions. I have to get rid of it."

-Peter Parker

Venom Symbiote (4126)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Edward Brock (Earth-4126)
Base of Operations Current host's base of operations
Relatives Carnage (Clone)
Age Ageless
Alignment Bad
Marital Status In a Relationship (with current host)
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Genderless
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes White
Hair N/A
Skin Black
Unusual Features Goo-like alien life form
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-4126
Place of Birth Northern Canada, Prehistoric Era
Created by Artemis Panther


Prehistoric Era

During the age of the dinosaurs, an alien species visited Earth, and the strange radiation they gave off affecting the ground around them, morphing it into a sentient, goo-like species. It began bonding to the dinosaurs, changing hosts constantly, using them to get across the land. Eventually, it reached the area that would eventually become New Jersey. When Earth was hit with an asteroid, the symbiote was buried underground for centuries.


In the present, a group of construction workers began drilling in the area of the symbiote's hibernation. When their drill cracked open the ground where the symbiote was, it immediately awoke and became hostile. It attacked the miners, bonding to one of them, forcing him to murder the others. He then had his host return to his home in New York, where he left him in search of a better host.


The Symbiote found a burglar sneaking through the alleys of New York, and it forcibly bonded to him, hoping he would lead it to someone else. When Spider-Man saw this man mugging a woman, he intervened. The symbiote immediately recognized him as a potential host and jumped straight from the burglar to Spider-Man. He began enhancing his powers, making him stronger and faster, which Peter liked very much, however it began making him more aggressive and tried to use Peter for evil and mischief.

Eddie Brock

When Peter attempted to get rid of the symbiote, he went to an abandoned church with a bell. After the agonizing pain caused them to split, the symbiote quickly slithered down and bonded to the Masked Man. At first, the symbiote allowed Brock to use him for his own gain, but it decided it was time to act. He took over and made Brock flee the scene in order for them to form a working bond.

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