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Champion Exiles

Champion Exiles
The Exiles composed of the Champions.


The Main Setting for the Exiles. This reality has compressed itself into Singularity, a cosmic entity that has created a castle for herself that the Champion Exiles operate out of.


  • Spider-Man - Miles Morales (Earth-73568) comes from a reality where he was being trained as the next Spider-Man. However, the Green Goblin had set off bombs across New York City that killed Peter Parker and his closest friends and family. Miles regretfully became the new Spider-Man. Eventually, the Symbiotes invaded his Earth, with his mother being an early casualty. He joined the team to restore the Earth to before Peter's death so that the Symbiotes could be fought back.
  • Hulk - Rick Jones (Earth-39702) became the Hulk when a gamma bomb exploded over his hometown, turning him and his neighbors into mindless Hulks. The Hulk virus spread across the world as the world fought to create a cure. Sadly, all they could do is restore intellect, and were only able to do it to Rick Jones. As the war between Humans and Hulks excalated, the Earth became a wasteland. He joined the team to keep the Hulk Virus contained and save the Earth.
  • Nova - Sam Alexander (Earth-45702) was raised on an Earth that is in diplomatic relationships with the Kree. When Sam becomes the Nova, he becomes a prominent hero in the galactic community. One day, the Secret Invasion commenced, and a Skrull agent set off a bomb that destroyed Stamford, leading to a war between the Earth and Hala that destroy each other. He joined the team to save Stamford.
  • Cyclops - Scott Summers (Earth-68758) was the latest recruit of the X-Men when Magneto started the Ultimatum Wave, which left Cyclops the only surviving Mutant. He joined the team to stop the Ultimatum Wave from commencing, saving the Earth.
  • Miss Marvel - Kamala Khan (Earth-57648) is an Inhuman who lead a new team of Avengers after most of the original heroes vanished. However, the Dark Phoenix attacked using the Reality Stone, altering reality to become ruler of the Earth. When the Avengers attacked, they were erased from existance, leaving only Kamala a broken woman. She joined the team to stop the Dark Phoenix.
  • Vision - When Hank Pym started work on artificial intelligence, he wanted to create a child for him and his wife Janet because they were incapable of having children. They created Vivian Pym (Earth-12475). But Janet sadly died in a car accident, driving Hank to become Ultron, replacing all life with Machines. She joined the team to save her mother and stop the Age of Ultron.

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