"Stand tall for the people of America.

Stand tall for the man next door,

we are free in the land of America,

we ain't goin' down like this."

How Did We Get Here?

The main conceit of the Last Masterless Earth is flipping the overall optimistic premise but overall keeping the heroic call to action of universes like ME-1. In this universe many Marvel heroes existed and may have saved the world from this evil alien horde, or this AI uprising, but ultimately humans destroy themselves in a nuclear flustercluck. Some people seek to bring society back together, some just look at societal eradication as an excuse to be Vikings, and others just can't handle stupid people anymore and want to be left alone. However, like all of my unis, the heroic call to action remains. In short, even if Governments, elected leaders, even legit superheroes failed to save the world, it doesn't give you a pass to give up too.

The Protagonist

The Antagonist 

The Bygone Age

While this universe is meant to generally be more "realistic" Marvel heroes will exist, until their inevitable demise when the nuclear fallout happens. I'm still not sure which heroes I want to be a thing, and if any might live, but currently I know Captain America will exist, and I think it's best if none are alive.