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Ulik Boudov is a Supervillian in the Earth-69 universe.


Dr. Ulik Boudov sought fame and fortune. So he attempted to recreate Erskine's Super Soldier serum. Coming close he lacked the one serect ingredient used to keep the serum stable. Unable to find he put in a substitute then took the serum himself. And found that it gave his greater strength speed and stamina. However as the weeks went on he experienced extreme fatigue,rapid mood swings, and splitting headaches. Ulik then discovered that the serum was to much for his  body and was slowly breaking down his cells. In desperation Ulik took the serum once more to save himself however it mutated him into a more beastial form. Losing all reason he went on the rampage killing a unknown number of innocents. His rampage was haulted by Thor. The 2 dueled and thanks to Ulik's healing factor and super strength he was able to keep Blake at bay. So in desperate attempt to stop him Blake sent his hammer through Ulik's body. Which proved too much for even his healing factor and he died.

Powers Abilities

Super Strength: The double shot of the serum gave him strength on superhuman levels. Can lift more than 8 tons.

Claws: His retractable claws can supposedly cut through some metals.

Super Durability: His mutated body gave him a higher resistence to pain.

Super Stamina: The double shot of the serum eliminated almost all fatigue toxins

Super Speed: Can move body faster then humanly possible

Healing Factor: Has a healing factor greater then a human.

Super Senses: All five senses have been put beyond their peaks.

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