Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 698 Textless-1-
Phineas Mason a.k.a The Tinkerer is a villian who has his origin in the Earth-78315 universe. He is long time foe of the original Spiderman and 1 time of foe of Spidey.


Prior to the birth of Spidey, Phineas had faked his death to commence his one final plan. He would discredit this new  Spidey by framing him for a crime, then leading him to his demise. He used his robots to kidnap J. Jonah Jameson and brainwash him into believing he was The Chameleon. He then fooled the naive new Spiderman into stealing a prized artifact by hiring a actor to pretend to be a police officer and tell him it was being stolen. Now labeled as a menace, the Tinkerer sent his new Chameleon to lore Spidey to a trap set by him. Tinkerer then slipped into his battle/lifesupport system modeled after Doc Oct's and him and his robots battled Spidey but Spidey proved to strong and he himself didn't know his own strength and in 1 swift attack accidently killed Tinkerer.

Powers Abilities

Genius level intellect

Master Technician

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