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17th August, 98AD


God of Thunder, Prince of the Aesir

Physical description





6' 4"

Hair color


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Family information
Family members

Odin (Father)

Jord (Mother)

Baldr (Half-Brother)

Bragi (Half-Brother)

Hodur (Half-Brother)

Hermod (Half-Brother)


Super strength, speed, durability, stamina and agility

Special abilities

Flight, storm manipulation

DQuote1 My entire life is a pool of shame. I've done many heroic things, but they're all counteracted by my darkness. The truth is I'm ashamed to live. I'm ashamed that I'm the same person I was centuries ago. I'm going to make something of myself, change my personality, destroy the shame, purge myself of my ever growing darkness. I won't be Thor, God of Thunder, I'll be Thor, Hero of Thunder! DQuote2



Thor was born to Jord, a Jotunn who had seeked refuge in Asgard after the leader of the Jotunns, Farbauti, became a tyrant. Jord had been impregnated by Odin, who took custody of Thor when he was 10, wanting to raise his son to be the next King of Asgard. Thor was raised, training to fight. During his years of training, he came across the Jotunn/Sorcerer, Loki, a number of times. They had a rivalry from the start, and their various battles over the centuries always ended with Thor as the victor.

Ovinr, God of Enemies

In the 13th Century, while hunting animals in the forests of England, Thor was attacked by a mysterious spear-wielding figure, who introduced himself as Ovinr, God of Enemies. The two fought, with Thor using his sword, which seemed like an ant compared to Ovinr's spear. Their fight put great injury on the Thunder God, who ended up having to retreat.

Over the next few days, Thor lay in his chamber healing, only leaving to eat meals. He was haunted by nightmares of Ovinr, who no Aesir had ever heard of.

Ovinr(Early days)1309

After he had healed, Thor travelled to Vanaheim to see if the Vanir had ever head of him. None of them had either, but before Thor could leave, he was confronted by a small child who claimed to have seen the future, a grim place where the corpses of Gods became dust and Asgard fell, all thanks to Ovinr. Thor took this to heart, but before he could thank the boy, he saw Ovinr on a far rooftop. He flew after him, and chased the mysterious man into the forest. Thor burst through the trees, only to be met by Hel Beasts.

To his surprise, Ovinr used his spear to kill the Beasts, slaughtering them all. He then left, with Thor following after. He lost the 'God of Enemies' though, and made his way back to the Bifrost to head to Asgard. However, Ovinr appeared again, with markings all over his body, drawn in blood. The disgusting sight was enough to make Thor vomit, but he fought. He pinned Ovinr to the ground and stabbed him through the chest. Once the sword was drawn, the mysterious man's enitre body split into a mass of disgusting, spiked tentacles, which sunk into the ground.

Thor attempted to dig down to find him, but found nothing but dirt. He travelled back to Asgard, and for several more days rested in his chamber, still haunted by nightmares. He travelled back to Vanaheim once he had healed, and searched for the little boy, and told him his visions were wrong, and that Ovinr was defeated, and Asgard and the Gods were still alive. The boy then said that he didn't mean this time around, but the next, making Thor realise Ovinr was still alive somewhere.

Epoch of Loki


One day, in 1915, Thor was summoned by Heimdall, the guard of the Bifrost. He learnt that the Bifrost had been destroyed, the cause of which was unknown. Heimdall asked Thor to travel to Midgard to make sure it was okay. Heimdall redirected the Bifrost portal to Jotunheim, which is extremely close to Midgard compared to Asgard. Arriving in Jotunheim, he was attacked by a group of Jotunns who seemed to have been expecting him, slaying them with his sword, he flew into the sky and across space, to Midgard, or 'Earth'. Arriving on the planet, Thor went to the location of the Bifrost, only to find the stone 'console' that held that end of the portal open was destroyed.

Thor was confronted by Loki, who took credit for the destruction. After a brief battle, Loki used his sorcery to open a portal to Asgard, specifically to Yggdrasil. Loki revealed he wanted Thor to waste his energy travelling to Earth, so Loki himself could take advantage of him. Loki pushed Thor into the tree, into the Room With No Doors. Once inside, Thor was trapped, with not a single way out.

After several weeks inside, he was pulled out by Odin. He learnt that Loki had attempted to overthrow Asgard. Thor was taken to Loki's prison, and watched him being escorted to Yggdrasil, to be put in the Room With No Doors where Thor had been. Once Loki had been put in, Thor travelled to Jotunheim. He met with Farbauti, the leader of the Jotunns. He asked about Loki, as Farbauti is his father. Thor learnt that Loki had disappeared months prior, talking about wanting to be a member of the Aesir. Thor immediately travelled back home, and told Odin of what Loki had supposedly said.


Several days later, Yggdrasil set on fire, and Loki emerged, having escaped the Room With No Doors. Him and Thor fought for a while, with Loki eventually opening a small portal and escaping. Thor managed to get into the portal before it closed, but arrived on Earth, with Loki nowhere in sight. Thor attempted to fly, to scout the area, but found he couldn't. Then attempting to create a wind, he failed and realised he'd lost his powers.

Weeks later, Thor was still unable to use his powers. He was living in an abandoned factory in the New York countryside. He met a woman named Jane Foster on a trip into the city, and told her his name was Don Blake. She took care of him, giving him food and water. After several weeks, and having developed an insight into the behaviour of humans, Thor asked her out on a date. They went to a restaurant, with Thor dressing up in her ex-boyfriends suit, which he had left in her apartment months before when he'd dumped her. After their date, Thor took her home, but Loki appeared and pulled him away from her.

Loki took Thor to Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire. The two fought, until Loki used his sorcery to create a large temple. Eventually, Thor succumbed to Loki, and fells to his knees, beaten. Loki used magic to turn his clothes into his traditional Asgardian wear, which he tore. Chaining Thor to a piece of enchanted, 'unbreakable' wood, Thor was left on his own, trapped by living fires.

Rising Up

After a few days of healing, crying and mourning, Thor decided he would stop Loki. He dragged himself up, and walked through the fires, pushing past. His body was severely burnt, with the living flames trying to keep him from escaping, but he got out. He began walking, searching for a way out. He thought of ways to defeat Loki, but drew nothing. His father used a 'psychic conference' to tell Thor about a weapon called Mjolnir that would help him defeat Loki. However, Thor's father had no idea of its' location, only knowing it was somewhere on Eart. He did however open a portal for Thor to go to Midgard to look for it. With the 'unbreakable wood' still chained to him with magic, Thor began walking through Midgard. Without any of his powers, except for traces of his super strength, Thor's determination was the only thing keeping him going.

Mjolnir Cometh

He walked and searched for months, unable to find it. He was attacked by Loki again one day, with Thor using the unbreakable wood to hit the sorceror incredibly hard. Loki however, began to gain the upper hand rather quickly, and Thor began to run away. Loki stood and mocked him as he ran, but Thor continued. He stopped after a while, thinking of Jane, his friends, and most of all his family. He turned to face Loki, and found the landscape had changed, with a massive rock having appeared, with only a cave. He aproached the cave opening and looked inside, seeing the hammer Mjolnir. He tried to enter, but the wood caught on the rock, too wide for him to enter, and Mjolnir several metres out of his reach. He tried to step back to go in sideways, but the wood had become stuck. Full of anger at Loki, he began to pull, trying to reach out for Mjolnir. Loki's words of the wood being enchanted to be unbreakable ran through his head, pushing him further. With great struggle, he succeeded, and the wood snapped. With splinters in his back, and the chains still tied tightly around his wrist, he rushed forward to Mjolnir, and grabbed it.

Mjolnir reacted to his very touch, and his wounds healed instantly. The mud, blood and dirt were blown off his face by intense wind, and a magnificent armour formed around him. He blasted through the rock, out the back and flying towards Loki. With a single strike, he knocked Loki out, then used his newfound weapon to open a portal to Asgard, taking the fallen Jotunn with him. Thor was met with congratulations, but it was short lived as Loki stirred, and awoke. He used his powers to summon his son, Fenrir, the great wolf. Many of the Asgardians ran in fear, but Thor faced the Wolf, and even with Mjolnir struggled against it. The battle caused major damage to a large portion of Asgard, but Fenrir was finally killed by Thor blasting it with lightning, enough to kill even the fifty-metre animal.


Loki was put into a prison made of an Uru-Vibranium alloy, enchanted that he can only escape when he feels true regret and wants to change his ways. A celebration was held in Thor's honour, and Mjolnir became a symbol of hope and power. However, Thor denied the riches given to him by the Aesir, and instead chose to leave Asgard. He travelled to Earth and took on a civillian guise and went to find Jane, beginning his search to find her home again.


After several days of tracking her down again, Thor found Jane. She had no memory of Loki taking Thor away, instead having memories of 'Donald' ditching her. Not wanting to tell her about magic, he say goodbye and walked away. Several days later, he heard of a bank hostage situation in Manhattan. He thought nothing of it, until the names of the hostages were released, and Jane was one of them.

Thor flew to the bank, but was met with ridicule by the police, who thought he was a fake in a costume. He showed his true power by shooting a lightning bolt from Mjolnir. He flew in and quickly took care of the criminals, releasing the hostages. Jane recognised him as Donald, so Thor took her up into the sky and told her the truth. She believed him only because he was flying, and asked to see his home. He took her to Asgard, where he introduced her to his family. She was met with joy, and was surprised herself. Thor took her to see Loki, and forced him to explain to her what had happened that night. Instead, Loki went on a rant, and through his sorceror managed to crack her spine, killing her. Thor went into a berserk rage and broke the prison open, blasting Loki with lightning, and putting him into a coma. The Warrior's Three were forceds to drag Thor away, with the Enchantress, Amora, fixing the cell.

Thor took her body to the Aesir Graveyard, and created a grave for her. Odin arrived to comfort his son, and used the Odin-Force to bring her back temporarily, allowing Thor just enough time to tell her his true feelings. She told him her true feelings, and then told him not to lose hope, before the enchantment wore off and she died once again. Thor placed her body in the grave and asked Enchantress to create a proper tomb. He named it the Tomb of Last Hopes, and visited every Thursday to place flowers at the feet of the statue of her.

The God Mythology Forgot

In 1937 Earth-years, Thor heard news of the murder of his Hodur, one of his half-brothers. He saw the body, sliced to pieces and bled dry. He recognised the work as that of Gorr, an ancient member of the Aesir who had disappeared centuries before. He told his father that he believed the murderer to be Gorr, "the God mythology forgot". A council of "the Aesir's finest" assembled, including Thor, and they discussed the situation. Listening to Thor's theory, they came to the conclusion that it was most likely Gorr.

A thorough search of Asgard took place, during which Thor himself discovered the body of Forseti, the son of his half-brother Balder. Like Hodur, he was sliced into pieces and bled dry. No leads were found, but after several weeks of continuous searches a message was found written in blood reading 'the gorr continues until thor admits'. Thor had no idea what he was supposed to admit, and went back to his normal life. On a trip back to Earth, Thor was attacked by Gorr. The ancient Aesir informed Thor that he wanted revenge for Thor casting him out. He learnt that centuries before, him and Gorr had been friends, but one day Thor abandoned him on an alien world. However, Thor had no memory of this, and doubted it ever happened.

Gorr stabbed Thor with a knife, and left. When Thor tried to pull the knife out, his hand passed straight through it, making him unable to pull it out. He confronted Odin to ask about Gorr, as Thor only knew him as a member of the Aesir who had disappeared centuries ago. Odin told Thor all about his friendship with Gorr, and also what had happened. His father told him all about how they had travelled to a planet several solar systems away from Midgard. However, Thor had left him there as part of a prank, and upon arrival in Asgard flew straight into the Vanir-Aesir war, during which he was severely injured and suffered intense memory damage. Thor called Gorr out, using the Enchantress' magic to send a message.

Thor VS Gorr1309

Final Encounters

Gorr and Thor met at the Isle of Silence, a giant mass of dead branches intertwined, where everything is naturally silent, except for visitors. Thor told Gorr what had happened, but was met with another knife. They fought, with neighter gaining the upper hand. Thor burnt and electrocuted Gorr, and Gorr stabbed Thor. Eventually, he had too many knives in his body to move properly, but enchantments on the knives stopped him pulling them out. Eventually, he managed to corner Gorr at the edge of the Isle. After telling Gorr that trying to punish a man that didn't truly abandon him was a pointless battle, and killing Aesir wouldn't make things any better. He then proceeded to push Gorr off the edge, and watched him fall into the endless void below.

Trials of a God

Steven Rogers1309

In 1942, Thor travelled to Earth to help the Allies in World War II, believing the Germans to have gone too far. By doing this, he broke the Sixth Great Law of Asgard, "No Aesir shall interfere with the workings of human affairs." For this, when attempting to return to Asgard after several days of work destroying German forces with lightning, he found himself trapped on Earth. His father used a psychic conference to tell Thor why he had been blocked from Asgard, and that he would be accepted only if he swore to never interfere with humanity again. Thor couldn't make that promise, and declared he would protect those worthy of protecting even if he was stripped of his powers. Instead of taking Thor's power from him, Odin decided this moral made Thor worthy enough to keep them, and agreed he could keep his powers, but he could only return to Asgard every full moon for the night.

He continued to help in the fight against Germany, and in his travels met a man named Steve Rogers. He became allies with Steve, and the two fought together in numerous raids on facilities. He saw great bravery in Steve, and saw him as the human embodiment of the Aesir. This belief of Steve was further enhanced when Thor dropped Mjolnir in battle, and Steve picked it up and threw it to him, being the only person Thor had met who could lift Mjolnir, Steve became Thor's 'favourite human'. Together, they also met the 'Red Skull', Johann Schmidt, a heavily-burnt and disfigured Nazi extremist. His near-endless forces of Nazi soldiers meant that by the time Thor and Steve arrived at his 'Private Sector', the Skull was gone, having escaped. This happened at several bases, and Thor began to lose hope they would ever find him.

Torn Apart

Johann Schmidt1309

Steve told Thor that they must never lose hope, because that is the day the enemy wins. So together, they went after him, and in mid-1945 finally came face-to-face with him. The Red Skull was powerful, and survived blasts from both of them. Eventually though, the Red Skull managed to push Steve into a cryogenic suspension chamber that would have been for himself. Thor defeated the Red Skull, and attempted to release Steve, but the Skull told him releasing him while he was still freezing would kill him. Not wanting to take any chances, he left Steve inside, planning to release him later. He beat up the Red Skull, who with his dying breath spoke "I win" and detonated a bomb that began to sink the base into the ocean. To make sure Johann died, Thor slit his throat. He then used lightning to melt the words "I will find you" into the door of the cryogenics chamber, before escaping.

He returned to Asgard the following full moon, only to find it in ruins. He came across his half-brother Balder, who was on the verge of dying, but managed to tell Thor that Ragnarok had come, and the Aesir had fallen.

the Nine of Worth

While he searched through the ruins of Asgard for any survivors. He failed to find anyone, and broke down into tears. He lay in a courtyard for days, too emotionally hurt to move. However, he was pulled up by a mysterious figure, who told Thor that Asgard shall remain in ruins until the Nine of Worthy were defeated. The elderly man didn't reveal his identity, and walked away from the depressed Thor. Not understanding the message, he walked to the Great Library of Asgard, to search for anything relating to the Nine of Worth. He discovered that they were a group of people, one from each of the nine realms, chosen by 'the Worth of Yggdrasil' to be the bringers of chaos. The identities were listed, except for the Worth of Midgard. Thor decided to work down the list to defeat them, and head first to Svaralfheim to face Malekith, King of the Dark Elves.

Malekith of Svartalfheim

Using the new Bifrost that had been completed mere months before Ragnarok fell upon Asgard, Thor travelled to Svartalfheim to fave Malekith. Upon arrival, he headed straight for the dark elf's palace. He arrived to come across Malekith as he was on his way into the palace, a dismembered Light Elf head in his hands. Upon seeing Thor, the ruler of Svartalfheim knew his reasoning for coming and had his guards leave. After a brief exchange of words, the two began to fight. Unknown to Thor, Malekith wielded an enchanted sword that froze wounds it creates, stopping them from healing. With several wounds in his stomach, Thor became slower, his enhanced healing not even able to overcome the freezing.

They fought for hours straight, with both gaining immense wounds. However, Thor eventually grabed Malekith's head and pushed it into flames. It burnt the left side of his face, burning and disfiguring it. While Malekith was distracted by the searing pain, Thor used the ruler's own sword to stab him through the chest after breaking off some of his armour. Malekith fell to his knees and admitted defeat, and Thor left him to die on the steps of his own palace.

Geimarr of Jotunheim

Next, Thor travelled to Jotunheim to battle Geimarr, a powerful Necromancer Jotunn. Thor initiated the battle by first attacking Geimarr, who began to bring about the spirits of those close to Thor, manipulating them to say what he wanted. It wasn't until he controlled the spirit of Jane that Thor realised they were being controlled, and went into a berserker rage. He struck the Frost Giant with lightning, the ground cracking and vibrating.

Hordes of Frost Giants arrived, looking to see the cause of the chaos. They knew of Geimarr's black magic, and chose to leave him to Thor, not seeing him as worthy of the battle damage to their armies. Thor pulled the metal discs, that had been holding his cape, off of his armour, and drove them into the Frost Giant's spine. This not only caused Geimarr serious pain, it also brought about his end, as Thor struck the discs with lightning, which allowed the electricity into the Jotunn's body, killing him. With his control of the spirits gone, Thor managed to speak to Jane truthfully, and said he would find a way to bring her back, however she declined, stating death having lost love was better than being cursed to live with heartbreak, and her spirit returned to Hel.

Surtr of Muspelheim


The next name on the list was Surtr of Muspelheim. Thor had heard of Surtr, with the legends saying he would play a part in Ragnarok. So when he arrived in Muspelheim, he went into a great rage, striking Surtr the moment he saw him. He demanded Surtr tell him about Ragnarok, but the fire giant told him the legends were wrong, and he had played no part in Ragnarok. Thor didn't believe him though, and struck the demon, cracking numerous bones within his body. He managed to avoid every flaming sword swung at him, and when Surtr accidentally dropped one, Thor picked it up and used it to slice through the giant's abdomen. His immunity to flames meant the fire didn't do any damage, but the blade sliced straight through.

This didn't stop Surtr however, and he continued to fight. Thor struck him with lightning countless times, but it merely slowed the fire giant. The thunder god then took advantage of this and began hitting him with Mjolnir, over and over, cracking more and more bones. The fight went on for days, with Thor fuelled by the feelings of loss caused by Ragnarok, and his anger at Surtr for his role, unaware that Surtr had told the truth and didn't play a part.

Surtr realised how he could prove his innocence in Ragnarok, by pointing out that only Asgard was affected, whereas the true Ragnarok would cause damage to the other realms. He spoke of how Thor didn't have to face the Midgard Serpent, and how he didn't even have a son, like the legends said he would by the time of Ragnarok. Thor admitted he may have been wrong, but still had to defeat Surtr. He took the flame sword and sliced straight through his neck. He took the head and through it into a lava lake, to make sure he couldn't be brought back with black magic.

Aeltri of Alfheim

The fourth Worthy was Aeltri of the Light Elves, a master archer who was known for being an ally of the Asgardians during the Aesir-Vanir war. Thor confronted her, knowing she was good. She said she was forced to be a member of the Nine of Worth, as her mother had been before her. Thor learnt the title was passed down through the family, and everyone was a member of the Worthy because one of their parents were.

Thor didn't want to battle her, due to both her being a woman, and he knew she was good. It was at this point that he found out that a Worthy can admit defeat, realising that Malekith had done this, if they don't want to die. The downside was that a battle had to take place first. They came to a mutual agreement that they would "accidentally miss", and after several minutes, Aeltri admitted defeat.

She then told Thor that his cause was worthless, as the final Worth, the 'tenth', was more powerful than any of the others, and would be much harder to defeat. She said the Worth of Yggdrasil would bring about a new Ragnarok, one that would destroy the Nine Realms and collapse the World Tree, effectively destroying reality.

Hel of Niflheim


Next on the list was Hel, the ruler of the dead, as well as the daughter of Loki. Travelling to Niflheim, Thor confronted her in her cave dwelling. Knowing why he was there, she offered to resurrect the Aesir in return for him leaving her alone. He agreed, and she resurrected them. He welcomed them back to life, but was quickly backstabbed (literally) by Hel, and the returned Aesir reverted to dust.

As he had a few of the other Worthy, Thor was given a reason to go into a berserk rage. He slashed at her, tearing her open. She said that as she was the ruler of Death itself, she couldn't die. Thor, knowing that she could admit defeat, decided to put her through so much pain she'd be forced to back down. He struck her with lightning, hit her over and over with Mjolnir, used her own dagger to slice her left arm off, and cut her open all over.

Eventually, she gave in, and admitted defeat. Thor then left the cave, not caring about her serious injuries, leaving her to rot.


Gna of Vanaheim

DQuote1 I was merely the errand-woman of the Vanir. I was looked down upon, seen as nothing more than the deliverer of news. That's all I was known for. So to find out I was one of the Nine of Worth? That was like being crowned queen of Vanaheim! I'm worthy, worth something! My life has meaning, and I won't let you take that away from me! DQuote2

Thor travelled to Vanaheim to face Gna, an errand-runner for the Vanir. He had heard only this of her, never having met her face to face. He arrived to find her sitting upon a throne in the middle of one of Vanaheim's many forests. Thor attacked her, having lost sight of his no-hitting-women moral. However, she managed to dodge his attack, and summoned a number of animals using a magical gem she had discovered.

Despite having forgotten his no-hitting-women moral, Thor still respected the animals and avoided hitting them at all costs. However, he was forced to hit a wolf that sunk its claws into his leg. He got to Gna and demanded she admit defeat, or die at his hands. She surrendered, and Thor prepared to leave. However, she attacked, hitting him with a metal disc. Due to his immense strength, Thor was unharmed, however the disrespect she had shown made him angry. The two fought, knocking down a number of trees.

A group of Vanir arrived, demanding Thor be punished, however eventually took sympathy on him due to the recent loss of Asgard. They took him to their city, and helped him. They gave him a place to sleep, under the condition he left Gna alone. He agreed, and took up their offer. But while he slept, Gna attacked once more. She stabbed him in the shoulder, but misinterpreted his sleeping position, and stabbed the wrong shoulder, having meant to stab the shoulder of the arm he uses Mjolnir with. He hit her, and they continued their brawl. As before, a group of Vanir arrived, however this time sided with Thor, as the Vanir had the ability to see all that happened within their city, and had seen her attack.

Gna was imprisoned and several days later was sentenced to execution for her betrayal of Vanir Law. Thor asked to take the honours, explaining the situation of the Nine of Worth to them. They agreed, and he tied her up with rope, through her into a lake, which he proceeded to strike with lightning, killing her and disintegrating her body with the heat.

Helreginn of Helheim


After several weeks in Vanaheim, Thor went back to Asgard. All the magics had been drained from the city, with not a single enchantment left. Thor found the cause of the problem to be Helreginn, a Jotunn pure-blood who was the ruler of Helheim. Helreginn had created a base in Odin's throne chamber, claiming it as his own.

When Thor discovered this, he attacked the Jotunn, wanting to kill him for daring to defile the ruins of Asgard. Helreginn had no wish to fight, and admitted defeat straight away. However, he conjured an enchantment to keep Thor in Asgard. He then teleported a number of Hel Beasts, monstrous beings from Helheim itself, into Asgard. Dozens of them spread throughout Asgard, and he announced to Thor he would allow him to leave once all of the Hel Beasts had been killed.

Thor's ideal of not killing animals didn't apply to Hel Beasts, which were magical conjurings created with black magic, and were the embodiment of evil, so he was willing to kill them. He killed a lot of them over the next few hours, but after that it became harder. He struggled to find any, and began to believe there were none left, until he was ambushed by a large group. He killed all but one, which escaped. He tracked it down after another hour, but before he could kill it, the Hel Beast escaped through a portal. Helreginn said he had to kill the Hel Beast, no matter what, but Thor found he was unable to enter the portal. He thought for a while, then developed an idea, and shot a blast of lightning through, succeeding. The Hel Beast on the other side was killed along with several dozen others, and Helreginn lifted the enchantment.

Thor wasn't satisfied, and demanded the Jotunn returned to Helheim, threatening to kill him if he didn't. The ruler of Helheim agreed and left, but not before saying the next Worthy would be a more difficult challenge.

Clint Barton1309

Clint of Midgard

Next, Thor decided to travel to Midgard, AKA Earth, to face the Worthy, whose identity was unknown in the book. After several days of searching, he decided to travel to Alfheim, to ask Aeltri about it. She told him the Worth of Midgard was an archer named Clint Barton, who was that world's greatest weapons expert at that point in time.

The God of Thunder travelled back to Midgard, and with the help of Aeltri tracked him down. However, Aeltri was forced to leave by her contract as a member of the Nine of Worth. Thor confronted Clint, believing he would be a good man, as most humans were in his eyes. However, Clint attacked him, launching an arrow into his knee. In severe pain, Thor hit Clint, sending him flying. It was at this time, that Clint sent a signal to an unknown location, saying "Launch." Thor demanded to know what it was, but his question was answered when a number of spaceships descended on New York. Thor flew to stop what he thought were 'metal creatures of an unknown realm'. When he went to hit them, he passed straight through. They disappeared, and Thor was struck by numerous arrows in the back. He discovered it was a distraction, and went to attack Clint again.

Upon heading to attack Clint, the last surviving Aesir realised that 'Hawkeye' had purple eyes, a colour humans don't have. He recognised it as a brainwash enchantment, and left Midgard. He travelled to the library of Asgard to find a way to stop a brainwashing enchantment. He discovered that lack of breathe caused the spell to fade and the person to gain control of their body again. He arrived back on Earth and searched for Hawkeye, finding him after several hours and strangling him. Clint gained control again, and Thor left the confused archer alone, heading back to Asgard to check with the list of the Nine of Worth.


Gorr of Asgard

The name of the Worthy of Asgard was listed as Kanna, a name Thor could not recall. He began looking through other books, but the wall of the library burst open, and Gorr entered. Thor attacked him, and a fight broke out.

The God of Thunder demanded to know how he survived, but Gorr replied simply with "he needed his Worthy". Thor said that the Worthy of Asgard was listed as Kana, with Gorr then explaining that Kanna was his father. Their fight destroyed several buildings, with both of them taking serious damage, with no victor in sight. It eventually got to the point where neither of them could fight any more due to exhaustion. Their fight had gone for two days by this point, and it looked like neither would make it through.

Gorr escaped by teleporting away, claiming they would meet again, and a true victor would be decided then.


Cul of Yggdrasil

After Gorr retreated, Thor was confronted by Cul, who claimed to be the brother of Odin, who had been exiled to the roots of Yggdrasil before Thor's birth. He was the 'tenth Worthy', who was to be the last battle.

Cul challanged Thor to a battle that would decide whether Asgard returned or not. Thor accepted, and they prepared to fight. Cul explained that he had been imprisoned because the rest of te Aesir had seen his ways as too extreme, and when he attempted to kill Laufey they decided it was best he be locked away. As their fight began, Cul proved to be powerful, quickly taking the advantage over Thor, who struggled to keep up with his uncle's fighting. Cul revealed he had brainwashed Clint to try and make him a greater opponent, had created the illusions during that same battle, rescued Gorr from the bottomless fall from the Isle of Silence and made sure the rest of the Worthy were prepared for Thor.

In the name of Asgard returning, Thor continued to fight, even when his leg was broken and his skull fractured. However, he came to the realisation that he wanted Asgard back because he had felt lost without his own kind, but he had managed to get past the Nine of Worth all by himself, he'd figured out how to get to that point. He decided he didn't need his people, and it was time to step out of the shadow of his own people, so instead of trying to defeat Cul, he admitted defeat himself. This caused Cul to become confused, which Thor took advantage of, knocking him to the ground and using Mjolnir to crush his head.

He dumped Cul's body into one of the infinitely deep pits that surrounded the roots of Yggdrasil below Asgard. Then, using his immense lightning powers, he destroyed every building in Asgard, leaving only a single home next to the Bifrost, where he began to live. The only remnants of Asgard he kept was Mjolnir, the armour on his body and a small collection of his favourite books from the library, and the book detailing the Nine of Worth, which had been the greatest book in his entire history.

When We Oppose Itself


Ovinr, God of Enemies

Tidings of Annihilation

Only weeks after he turned down the opportunity to bring back Asgard, Thor began to find spiked tentacles around Asgard. He recognised them, but couldn't quite remember where from, with only flashes of blood and a spear coming to mind.

He flew around the rubble of the buildings he'd destroyed, and then beyond the city into the mountain wastelands beyond. However he found nothing but rabbits and bears in the wilderness. Although, upon returning to Asgard, he came face to face with dozens of mutilated animals. He fell to his knees in horror, and more of his memories came back. He remember the name Ovinr, and markings drawn in blood on his body.

Ovinr, the 'God of Enemies', from Thor's past appeared, his body haing become hideous and deformed, with glowing markings all over his body, as well as black and dark green. The smell of blood was strong to Thor, who attacked his old enemy.

They fought across the debris of Asgard, with Ovinr taunting the Thunder God about how only he had grown over the years. He referenced his monstrous appearance, and explained it was the result of a number of curses from the various Pantheons of Gods. This was how Thor learnt that there were other Pantheons, such as the Olympians. Then, Ovinr cast an enchantment that turned the various tentacles he'd left into large creatures.

One Nation Under Ovinr

Thor faced the armada of monsters, while Ovinr ran away. Thor flew after him, and the two began to fight. The creatures Ovinr had summoned caught up to Thor, and Oinr managed to escape again, leaving Thor to take care of the armada. Over the next three days, Thor fought endlessly, getting mere moments of rest at a time. Once he had taken down the last one, he collapsed and slept atop the debris of Asgard.

When he awoke, he found himself hanging from a cliff by chains. Ovinr stood at the edge above him, and told Thor that he (Ovinr) was now greater than the last surviving God, and had proven himself to be the best of men. He told Thor his backstory, that he was an ordinary human who was brought up being taught that he had to be the best. He met a Dark Elf one day in the forests, who he killed in panic, only to be cursed by Malekith, king of the Dark Elves. He took the name Ovinr, which was the Norse word for 'enemy', and realising the Norse myths were true, aimed to defeat the Aesir. He had defeated a number of mythical creatures, and been cursed each time by the leaders of each race. He explained that the curses gave him abilities, such as immortality, but made him mutate. He poured wolf blood on Thor, and left, claiming he was the 'Ultimate Human'.

Winter Soldier1309
Thor hung from the cliff for weeks on end, not able to move. He attempted to summon Mjolnir, but it wouldn't come. Due to this, he realised he must be in another realm. One day, a man appeared at the edge of the cliff. He helped Thor up, and introduced himself as the Winter Soldier. Thor asked where he was, to which the Winter Soldier replied "probably Russia". Thor walked away, hoping to go to the Bifrost in Scandinavia. Without Mjolnir, he couldn't fly, so he was forced to walk. The Winter Soldier walked alongside him, despite Thor's complaints.

When Thor asked why he was following him, the Winter Soldier stated that he found him to be a curious being, and had nothing better to do. They travelled for the next two weeks, with the Winter Soldier paying for food. They travelled through all sorts of disasters, which Thor believed had been started by Ovinr to stop him from getting to the Bifrost. Thor explained who he was and why he was there, and surprisingly his story was believed. They reached the Bifrost, and Thor said goodbye, but the Winter Soldier, revealing his true name as James "Bucky" Barnes, decided he was going with Thor to take care of Ovinr.

They arrived in Asgard, despite Thor's issues with taking Bucky, and searched for Ovinr. Searching through the mountains surrounding Asgard, they came across a cave system that Thor had never heard of. It was too dark to go in without a light, so Bucky used the light attached to his gun to see ahead. After a few hours of walking down the cave, they came across a flaming torch, and then a series of others. They followed the trail and came to a giant mine. Inside were allsorts of magical creatures, such as Dwarves and Dark Elves, wielding pickaxes. They headed up a staircase, and eventually came upon Ovinr, who sat on a throne made of gold. Ovinr wasn't surprised to see Thor, however was confused by the presence of the Winter Soldier. He explained that now he'd defeated a God, he would build a nation that could do the same. He explained that the mine existed to get the metal for weapons, and that once they had enough resources, they would leave Asgard to find an uninhabited place to establish their nation. Thor then left willingly, allowing Ovinr to go about his plan.

Death of an Enemy

Once they had left, Bucky asked Thor why he was letting him make an army of God killers. Thor said that it took Ovinr an entire horde of creatures to defeat him, and three days of non-stop fighting. He didn't believe Ovinr could raise an army powerful enough to take him down. Bucky decided he was going to kill Ovinr, to make sure he couldn't do it. Thor let him, and travelled back to his home. He searched for Mjolnir, but couldn't find it anywhere.

He noticed a strange chunk of rock missing from where he had slept after defeating the horde, and went back to the cave, believing Ovinr had taken it. When he reached the mine, he pushed his way through, and eventually came across the missing piece of rock, with Mjolnir atop. Ovinr arrives, dragging an unconscious Bucky by the collar. He told Thor that he couldn't lift Mjolnir, so he lifted the ground beneath it. Thor grabbed the hammer and attacked Ovinr. The mine began to collapse, and the miners began evacuating. Thor managed to make it back into the tunnel out before the roof collapsed. Ovinr called out for him, and Thor looked to see Ovinr, half-crushed by the fallen ceiling of the mine. Ovinr yelled to Thor that he would tear him apart, and make sure the Aesir died once and for all.

Thor was then surprised to see Bucky break his way through the rock and into the tunnel, alive. Bucky then noticed Ovinr, half-crushed. Thor and Bucky made eye contact, and then Thor turned away as Bucky shot Ovinr through the head several times, killing him. The two then headed back to the Bifrost, with Thor returning the various Dwarves, Elves and Humans back to their realms. As Bucky was about to leave, he decided there was nothing left for him on Earth, because he'd lost everything, just like Thor. He decided to stay with the Thunder God, so neither would have to be lonely. Thor agreed, seeing a good man in the "Winter Soldier".



Origins of Life

Several weeks after the events with Ovinr and the Winter Soldier, Thor was ambushed by a number of ninja-like assailants. They managed to get a number of poison arrows into Thor's neck, causing him to fall unconscious. When he awoke, he found himself lying in a deep, burnt valley with streams of lava. The people who had attacked him greeted him, and explained they were on the planet Vivus. When Thor asked why they had drugged him, they said that it was because Vivus was the origin of life. Thor attempted to leave, but when he went to grab Mjolnir he found that it wasn't with him. They told him that it had been teleported to a classified location until he helped them.

Thor agreed, under the one condition that Mjolnir was returned to him afterwards. The "Mouthless" as they called themselves escorted Thor through the valley to a giant flat cliff face covered in carved symbols. They explained that Vivus was slowly dying, with the crust overheating, hence the streams of lava. They told Thor that if Vivus was destroyed, then all life would in the universe would die out, due to the energy links between the planet and life itself. They told Thor that they needed him to help, as he was the last remaining Aesir, the only people capable of reading the symbols on the wall. Thor stated he needed Mjolnir to fly up to read the highest symbols, so they allowed him to have it back, given he would have to help or his own life would end.

After several days of reading through the symbols, he realised that Vivus wasn't in fact the origin of all life as claimed in legend, but was only the origin of life for eight of the realms, with the original Aesir having created the planet Vivus themselves. He stated that it was built with a timer, that would reset ever 7 Billion years, annihilating all life and starting again. The Mouthless asked how it could be stopped, to which Thor replied it couldn't. Everything in the eight realms other than Asgard would be killed, and life would spread once more.

They asked if it was possible to trick whatever triggered the restart into thinking it had already happened. Thor wasn't sure, as it wasn't mentioned on the cliff, and had no idea how it would be done, if possible. They then asked if they could transport every living being to Asgard until the restart was complete. The Thunder God once again shot down their idea, as Asgard wouldn't be big enough for all life in the universe, and the time it would take would be too long to bother.

Race to Save Vivus

Thor flew around the planet, looking for a way to stop the countdown, but couldn't find anything. However, when he returned to his starting point he was surprised to find a temple that had been hidden from sight due to a number of giant rocks surrounding it. He entered to find a number of circles, each spinning, but at a different pace to the others.

He decided it must have something to do with it, but couldn't figure it out. He attempted to turn the circles and manipulate them, but to no avail. He eventually struck it with lightning, which worked. The various circles on the floor of the tunnel began to spin the other way, at a much faster speed. A strange light appeared at the centre of the room, in the middle of the largest circle. Thor approached it, hoping it would help somehow. The moment his skin came into contact with it, a massive explosion occurred, and he fell unconscious.

When he woke up, Thor found himself on Earth. However, nobody was around despite him having appeared in the middle of the city. Cars were on the road, but all had come to a halt, some had crashed, with the drivers gone. Seeing that the only way to save life was to travel back in time. He went to the Bifrost, which he knew to be capable of time travel. He first travelled to Asgard, finding that the Winter Soldier had survived, which Thor gave credit to him being in Asgard for. Together, they studied the Bifrost to find out how to travel back through time.

After three months, they cracked it, and travelled back to the origins of the Aesir. They found the Asgard City a majestic system of marble palaces. They travelled to the leaders, who listened to the story. It was at this point that it was explained to Thor that to bring life to the rest of the universe, there was a consequence, which was that every 7 billion years it had to reset. Outraged, Thor then took the Winter Soldier to the future, to before it wiped out all life.

It was then that Bucky suggested they find a way to shift all life into a safe place for the few seconds while Vivus reset. Thor explained that it would take near impossible amounts of power to do. Bucky said that he believed they could do it. Thor decided the Bifrost would be a good way to do it, and together they attempted to rework it to suit their purpose. They travelled back in time further, and spent two years working on it. When it was finally completed, they waited for Vivus, and several weeks later it came. They activated their reworked Bifrost, and successfully transported every living being out of reality for about five and a half seconds.

When everyone was transported back, Thor felt an intense energy, and his memories began changing, with large chunks being rearranged. Bucky felt the same, and the two were transported away.


Tony Stark1309

Future Revelations

Thor woke in a massive underground cavern. Leaving it and flying into New York he found himself in the middle of the city he knew, except with much more advanced technology than what he was used to. He flew back to the cavern, hoping to search for some clues as to what happened, only to be confronted by a man in black and gold armour, with strange red lights. Thor asked who he was, with the man explaining he was Iron Man, and had the intention of arresting Thor.

The Thunder God asked him what year it was, and the reply coming as 2013 shocked the God, who had last been in 1962. The 'Iron Man' asked who he was, and Thor explained. He remembered about Bucky and asked about him, to see if Iron Man knew anything. The armoured man didn't know anything about "Bucky", and couldn't recall having ever heard of him. Thor was shocked to hear of this, and travelled to the Bifrost, being chased by Iron Man, who was intrigued by the Thunder God. Upon arriving at the Bifrost, Thor attempted to use the time travel to return home, however was unable to. He sat down and made a fire, with Iron Man arriving, wanting to talk to Thor about his powers. The Thunder God told Iron Man all about Asgard and the other realms, and his adventures, or at least the ones he could remember. Iron Man told Thor about his origin story, how Tony Stark had become the hero. Through this, Thor learnt that Humans were capable of much more than he had given them credit for. Tony told Thor about the accomplishments Humanity had made over the years, and that it was a much better place now than it once had been.

At this moment, the Bifrost opened, and Thor approached it. He said goodbye to Tony, knowing it was his ride home. He entered and heard his father's voice tell him that everything would be okay, in due time. He emerged in the same location, however noticed there was less trees, and the ones that were there were shorter. After a quick trip into the nearest town, he found himself back in his home time, and headed back to the Bifrost, travelling into Asgard, where he found Bucky, who had experienced the same 'random portal opening' as him.


Quote1 What is a man, but the people that shape him? What is a man, but the events that shape him? We aren't born this way, we're shaped this way. Quote2

In the weeks following his return to his present, Thor spent his time building, wanting to rebuild Asgard. Hearing his father's voice when he entered the portal back to his time had been seen by Thor as a sign the Asgardians would return, and wanted to make sure they had a home to come back to. Within the five weeks he had been home, he had rebuilt the central buildings, using a number of enchantments to fuse the debris together.

However, several weeks into Thor's project, he rebuilt an unfamiliar structure, which activated upon completion, and opened a portal. A man emerged, and identified himself as Namor, the king of Atlantis. He handed Thor a scroll, and explained that it had been handed to him during World War II by Odin, to be handed to Thor as soon as the 'Opnask' was rebuilt on Asgard's side. Thor read through the scroll, which detailed the relationship between Asgard and Atlantis. He asked Namor about why the scroll was important, to which Namor pointed him to the very bottom of the scroll, which depicted a sword placed in the Opnask. The Atlantean told Thor that Odin's sword, when placed into the Opnask, would revive the Asgard, and would trigger the reincarnations of the Aesir. He offered his aid in the search for the sword, as the Aesir had aided the Atlanteans on numerous occasions, the the king wanted to work toward repaying the debt.

Along with Bucky, they began their search for the sword, beginning in Asgard. During their searching, Namor told Thor about how he had met Odin, and how Asgard and Atlantis came to establish connections. Once the whole of Asgard had been searched, they decided to move on to Midgard. While pushing through a Scandinavian forest, Thor remembered a tale Namor had told him about an enchanted rock that had been given to the Atlanteans by Odin, and how it gave access to another micro-dimension, which was unaccessible to anyone besides the Atlanteans and the Aesir. The trio headed to Atlantis to investigate the micro-dimension. Upon reaching the underwater city, they headed for the palace, with Thor and Bucky using enchantments to breathe underwater. They reached their target, a large rock with Norse runes carved into it. They passed through it, as if it were the water they were swimming in, and entered the dimension. The air-filled storage world was large, with an organisational system set in place. They checked all the possible places it could be, but failed to find it. However, Bucky found a picture of Attuma, an exiled Atlantean. Upon examination, he noticed the sword Attuma held had a Norse rune carved into it.

The three then left the 'Rock World', making their way towards Attuma's home, where the exiled Atlantean had established his own city. They entered 'Attumas', and were instantly met with a number of warriors. After a brief fight, Thor managed to knock them out, and they continued. It wasn't long before Attuma himself attacked, and an underwater brawl ensued. Attuma pulled out his sword part-way through the fight, but quickly had it taken away from him by Thor, who quickly began to swim away. However, Attuma's forces grabbed him, as well as Namor and Bucky, and took them prisoner.

Due to being underwater, Thor was unable to use Mjolnir for lightning, however managed to pull his chains out of the wall, and went for Attuman once more. After another battle, he took the sword and escaped, swearing to Namor and Bucky that he would return to save them. He swam to the surface, and flew to the Bifrost, where he travelled back into Asgard. He placed the sword into the Opnask. At first he was dissapointed, as nothing happened, however when he exited the building, he discovered the rest of the city had been rebuilt, and when he looked up he saw that the sky wasn't there, instead was an ocean. Thor was then approached by his father, who had been revived by the Opnask trigger.

The Thunder God then watched as Odin released a burst of energy up into the 'sky' of Asgard, then of course down to the ocean due to the upside-down nature of Asgard. Thor requested Odin's help in rescuing Namor and Bucky from Attuma, to which Odin responded that he would have the whole of Asgard fight against the evil Atlantean's army. At that moment, hundreds of Aesir arrived, flying to Asgard. Odin called them to arms, and they prepared, putting on their golden armour, and weilding their enchanted weapons.

The army of Aesir, led by Thor and Odin side-by-side, dropped from the sky, into the ocean below, where they swam down, enchantments allowing them to breathe underwater. A war broke out, with the Aesir pushing through the corrupt Atlanteans with little ease. Thor and Odin travelled ahead, with Thor rescuing Namor and Bucky while Odin battled Attuma. Namor then took over, wanting to defeat the exiled Atlantean himself. Thor watched as Namor easily beat Attuma, and once the Aesir army had defeated the other evil Atlanteans, Thor said goodbye to Namor and headed back to Asgard, where they had a massive feast to celebrate their revival.

Days of Infinite Torture

Scott Summers(Possible)1309

During a visit to New York, Thor was dragged through a tear in time. He found himself awakening in an apocalyptic New York, most of it in ruins, the rest of it burnt. He searched through the city, and came across a number of people crowded in a fenced off area. Before he could come near however, a man in a red suit entered the fenced off area and shot optic blasts at the crowd, slaughtering them all in seconds. At this moment, Thor was grabbed by a mysterious person, and found himself being pulled into a portal.

On the other side, Thor attempted to fight back, but became frozen in the spot. A bald man in a wheelchair approached him and introduced himself asProfessor Charles Xavier. He told Thor that he ran a school for 'the next stage of humanity', and that they needed all the help they could find. Thor agreed to help, and Charles invited him into his mansion. When they entered, three of Xavier's students were standing in wait, and introduced themselves. The first was Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, who wore a visor. The next was Hank McCoy, AKA Beast, who had blue fur that made Thor laugh. The third was Jean Grey, who introduced herself as Phoenix, explaining that she had been the one to pull Thor back into the past.

X-Men First Class1309
Charles told Thor about how they'd recently discovered an apocalyptic possible future, that was filled with advanced robots with the abilities of 'Mutants'. Thor told them what he had seen, and Xavier deduced that the figure he had seen was a 'Cyclops Sentinel', modelled on the powers of Scott. Charles' 'X-Men' prepared, and they assembled for a trip into the future, so they could research what made the world like that. Thor travelled with them, as extra protection. In total, five X-Men travelled with him, Scott, Jean, Hank, Ororo (AKA Storm) and Kurt (AKA Nightcrawler). Jean used her immense powers to open a portal into the future. They initially came across a Sentinel with claws, which was easily taken out by a lightning strike from Thor. Due to Jean's powers being relatively uncontrolled, they'd been sent into the future and across space as well, so they had to travel back to the Xavier mansion. Upon arriving, they met with elderly versions of themselves.

They discovered that a month from their present, a nuclear attack was launched on various Mutant populations, followed shortly after by the release of the original model Sentinels, which were much more simple robots with only guns and missiles as weapons. The future X-Men, wanting their apocalyptic past to be erased, handed over a map with the locations of all of the Sentinel factories, as well as the identity of the person who hijacked the nuclear warheads and used them against the Mutants, Bolivar Trask.

Jean opened another portal, managing to focus her powers so that they arrived in the same spot, only years earlier. Thor headed to the Sentinel factories, destroying them with lightning strikes. He then travelled to the site of the Nuclear Warheads, where the X-Men had already gone to find Bolivar Trask. Unfortunately, Bolivar had hired a number of bodyguards, who had managed to pin down the fairly untrained Mutants. Thor struck down the guards, and killed Bolivar, seeing it as the best way to avoid the apocalypse. But the moment he killed Bolivar, Loki appeared before him.

It was at that moment that all the years ago when he discovered the gods had died, he had been so caught in the moment he hadn't questioned Loki's fate. The 'God of Mischief' told Thor about how he'd escaped during the devastation, with Thor noticing Loki avoided saying what happened. Loki told Thor that the apocalyptic future they saw had to happen, or all of creation would collapse. Thor assured Loki that the Aesir would always stop the collapse of creation, no matter what it took. He then attacked Loki, with Thor quickly overpowering his enemy. He said his goodbyes to the X-Men, and took off for Asgard, where he handed Loki over to Odin, who put the mischievous Jotunn into the Room Without Doors.

Heir of Thunder

Son of Foster

Thor spent the next few days in Asgard, until he had a dream about his former lover, Jane Foster, holding a child. He travelled to her tomb, which he had refused to visit in years due to a fear of breaking down. The graveyard of Asgard had remained in the original dimension, meaning Thor had to travel by the Bifrost. He went to her tomb, and placed flowers on it. As he did, he felt a feeling similar to that he had felt after reseting Vivus, and he was dragged into the future. However, he found himself in a different graveyard, on Midgard. He looked down at the grave before him, which was, despite being much smaller and simple, belonging to Jane.

A man approached him, asking how he knew her. When Thor told the man, he was unsurprised, and told Thor that Jane had spoken about him every day before she went missing. Thor assured the man she had not gone missing, and asked about his relation to her. The man replied by saying he was Mordecai, her son. Thor greeted him with open arms, considering him a friend. Thor took Mordecai to Asgard to join the weekly Feast of the Gods. Thor expected Odin to be angry about him bringing an ordinary human to Asgard after what happened the last time, but his father acted toward Modi with noticeable happiness.

But during the feast, a horde of Dark Elves attacked Asgard. During the battle that ensued, Thor noticed that these Dark Elves were different, being more well-trained, and wearing different armour. During the fight, Thor decided to protect Mordecai, and flew him away from Asgard. He took Jane's son to New York, and dropped him off in Central Park. However, they were both attacked by four Dark Elves, who crowded Thor, stopping him from attacking properly. They were shortly followed by a boy who appeared to be in his early teens. The boy introduced himself as Mordvig, and told Mordecai that he shouldn't have met with his father. After several moments of thinking, Thor pieced together what Mordvig was inferring, and realised that Mordecai was in fact his son. Mordvig told Thor that all he wanted was Mordecai, and nothing else. However, Thor attacked the mysterious boy, knocking the Dark Elves aside, and Mordvig at that point revealed his sorcery abilities. A massive brawl broke out, with Thor protecting his son at all costs. They spent hours fighting, with Thor eventually buckling under and being unable to continue. The Dark Elves took Mordecai, and Thor was imprisoned within a magical tomb suspended above New York, forced to watch as his son was dragged away.

Fall of the Legend

Thor spent months trapped in the fortress-like prison, which allowed him to see what was below him, but the magic stopped him from escaping. He was visited by Balder on occasion, who told Thor about how Asgard was in a terrible state, with fights still going on across most of it. Even Odin's most powerful enchantments were unable to release Thor. As he began to lose hope, he began suffering from dreams about Jane Foster, and her words to him to never lose hope, the only thing that was keeping him going.

It got to the point where he began screaming in agony. When he began screaming, he found himself being dragged across space, teleported to Jane's grave again. Happy that he had escaped, he travelled to Asgard to help it. Upon seeing him, the Aesir cheered with joy, and fought even harder. Odin greeted him, and they fought the Dark Elves off. Once Asgard had been purged of the enemy, Thor was cheered once again. His joy was short-lived though, as Mjolnir was pulled away from him, flying into the ocean above. Thor flew after, using an enchantment to breathe underwater, and was happy to see that Bucky was following him, wanting to help Thor find his son, who Odin had informed him about. Thor admitted that he had had less adventures with Bucky since Asgard was returned, and discovered that Bucky himself had been pulling away from Thor. 'Winter Soldier' told the Thunder God that he had lost everything dear to him on Earth, and had come to take refuge in a city hanging upsidedown from the sky, and had found a race who adored him, who admired his tremendous skill with weapons, and treated him as one of their own. He was thinking of retiring from the advantures and settling down in Asgard, fighting only when absolutely necessary. Thor told Bucky they had great times together, and they would continue to have great times, even if it wasn't while fighting side by side.


They reached Atlantis, directly below Asgard, to find that it had been overtaken by the Dark Elves, who used the same enchantment to breathe underwater. Thor found Mordvig, who sat upon what had once been the throne of Namor. Mordvig told Thor that Mordecai was somewhere in Atlantis, but Thor wouldn't be able to find him. Up until that point, Thor had no idea where Mordecai was being held, but seeing Namor chained to a wall reminded him of their time together, and the Rock World. He swam away, before Mordvig could attack him, and found the stone that led into the micro dimension. He entered it, and came across Mordecai, who had Mjolnir at hand, but no idea how to use it. Thor told him he just had to clear his mind and focus on what made him strong. His son then managed to summon the strength to strike the chains that kept him trapped, freeing himself.

Along with his son and Bucky, Thor escaped the Rock World, and approached Mordvig once more, taking Mjolnir for the final battle. Mordvig attacked, releasing a flurry of blows, and transporting them, along with the Dark Elves, to Asgard. Thor commanded the Aesir to stay back, with both races merely watching as Thor and Mordvig fought. They both took heavy damage, but the two continued. It got to the point where neither wanted to continue, but Thor managed to create a lightning strike that electrocuted Mordvig, killing him instantly.

Thor approached his son, and told him to never lose hope, because that was the day the enemy won, and explained an old, dear comrade had said to him. He then collapsed into Mordecai's arms, and told his son he was sorry he hadn't always been there for him, at which point he took his last breath and died.


The day after Thor's death, a massive feast was held in his honour. At the feast, Mordecai was handed Mjolnir, to continue Thor's legacy. He decided Mordecai wasn't a name fit for him, and chose the name Modi, the Norse word for 'angry', an emotion he was strongly feeling towards Mordvig, whose true intentions had never been discovered. A statue of Thor was built in the Aesir Graveyard, and his body encased inside the stone. Even further, a statue was raised in the courtyard before the palace. Odin declared that 17th of September would be celebrated each year as 'Storm God Day'. As the ultimate memorial to Thor, Odin also activated the hidden Aesir powers within him, giving him all the abilities of his father and seemingly more.

The legend comes to an end...but one shall take his place.


  • This Thor is closer to the original Norse Mythology Thor than the usual Marvel Comics Thor.
  • Unlike most depictions of Thor in Marvel, this versions' primary enemy isn't Loki, who plays a small part after his initial story arc.
  • In this universe, the lore of Norse Mythology was mere stories based on the Aesir, who had visited Earth centuries ago, and the stories of the other realms they had told.
    • Some aspects of Norse Mythology are true, however things like Ragnarok were purely stories devised by the Germanic people.
    • Ragnarok actually happened, however much more different than the Norse legends.
  • "Vivus" featured in the 'Origins of Life' arc is named after the latin word for 'living'.