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The Hydra is a Supervillain agent of Hydra in the 78315 universe.


His history is unknown; as he hardly ever speaks. All that is known is that he was mutated by Hydra to be their Super-Soldier. He was given a mission to capture Spiderman at any cost. He the tracked him to New York. He attacked him, but Spidey intervened, and the 2 fought to a stand-still. But the old Spiderman appeared, and Hydra was forced to disappear. Retreating to Hydra's base, he is seen standing in line next to an army of soldiers. Later during Strucker's plan to take over Spidey's body, he fights him in the sewer, but once again they come to a stalemate and he is forced to flee. Over the next few months Hydra would attack again relentlessly, however he was killed after being thrown in a explosion by Spidey, his identity never revealed.

Powers Abilities

Super strength: Has displayed strength close to Spidey's

Super Speed: Can move faster then a car

Super Stamina: Fought Kid Devil relentlessly and even had the enregy to fight Spidey again.

Agility: is incredibly agile

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