"The very multiverse trembles before the might of Thanos."


Thanos (4126)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Death
Base of Operations The Hammer
Age Immortal
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes White
Hair Bald
Skin Purple
Unusual Features Rifts on chin
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-4126
Place of Birth Titanos
Created by Artemis Panther



On Titanos, Thanos was such an innocent child. He enjoyed playing with others and making gifts for his family. However, when he became a teenager, his family's violent nature set in. He enjoyed getting into fights, when everyone strived for peace. Even Thanos's family believed he was getting out of hand.

Power Gem

In adulthood, Thanos discovered the six Infinity Gems, the keys to godhood. He decided life is nothing without them, and until he finds them he must kill anyone else in order to minimize the competition. He discovered that the Power Gem was buried on his planet. He started a quest to find it and after three months of agonizing travel, he reached its burial spot. After retrieving it, Thanos already felt like a god.


When Thanos returned to his home village, word had spread that he was searching for the Infinity Gems. He knew others would then want to find them, so he decided it was time to wipe out every last titan in existence. He used the Power Gem to form an army of loyal titans who assisted him in destroying his own race. After they were all dead, Thanos set off to find his ultimate victory.


After he had destroyed four planets, Thanos had still found no more gems. When he detected a faint trace of what might be an Infinity Gem on the planet Zen-Whoeberi. At first, Thanos befriended the native people, gaining their trust. However, he used the Power Gem to wipe out everyone on the planet in order for his army to find the gem. Once they discovered there was no gem, Thanos found out that Princess Gamora was somehow still alive. He planned on making her his heiress and train her to become just like him. Once she was convicned the whole thing was an accident, they set off to continue his search.

Adam Warlock

After leaving another destroyed planet, Thanos's ship detected the life sign of a Celestial. His crew highly suggested leaving in order to escape conflict, but Thanos ordered direct contact. Thanos himself flew out to confront the Celestial. He learned his name was Adam Warlock, and he was exiled by his people. Thanos offered Adam asylum, but after he accepted, Thanos had Adam brainwashed into becoming a slave. This was the first step in Gamora's inevitable treachery.

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