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Steven Rogers aka Captain America was one of the leaders of the Resistance until his demise. ==

Quote1 All the innocent people, we fight FOR THEM!!! Quote2
Steven Rogers (Captain America)


Steven Rogers was part of a experiment to create Super Soldiers to combat the Nazis in WWII. He went on many missions until he was frozen in a block of ice while chasing the Red Skull in a jetplane. The serum keeping him alive he remained in suspended animation for over 70 years. He was eventually found by SHIELD and became a SHIELD agent and even a founding member of the Avengers. For years he stayed with the team and even saw them as family.

The Rise of Spider-Man

During Caps 2nd year as a Avenger another hero Spider-Man was said to have murdered a 7-year-old girl. So Cap and the other Avengers hunted him for months, until it was proven that Spider-man was indeed not the killer. Afterwards the mysterious hero went into hiding for several months. Unbeknownst to Cap and the other Avengers, he was planning his revenge against humanity. Almost a year later one of SHIELD's biggest adversaries, AIM, was completely wiped off the map and The Hand was rumored to be led by a new Villain. It wasn't until the new organization known as WEB attacked the SHIELD helicarrier did anyone realize that Spider-Man was responsible for AIM's defeat and the Hand's take over. After the fall of the helicarrier Spider-Man expanded his power by conquering HYDRA and Latveria. What was left of SHIELD and earth's heroes formed the WEB Resistance Cap acting as a chairman fought a ten year battle against Spidey's army. 

10 years later

A decade later the Resistance was almost defeated, and Spidey's grip had grown stronger then ever. Growing tired of the innocent lives lost daily Cap needing a plan created operation power struggle. A plan to steal The Cosmic Cube from one of Spidey's bases. He led the assault with the finest SHIELD soldiers and some surviving heroes. However it was a trap, and Spider-Man's forces were waiting for them. He fought relentlessly, but Spider-Man, now wielding the Cosmic Cube, was prepared to kill Black widow. Cap sacrificed his life to save her. his the innocent we do it for them.

Powers Abilities

Super Strength: Thanks to the serum Rogers has strength on superhuman levels

Super Speed: Because of the serum Rogers can move at speeds faster then an Olympic level athlete

Super Stamina: The serum eliminates most fatigue toxins in Steven's body.

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