Spider-Beast was a monstrous clone of Spidey created by Jackal to kill him. He is the most powerful of all the clones except for Spidey.


Spider-Beast was created by the Jackal to get revenge on Spidey. Jackal brought out the more aggressive part of the spider gene, thus making Spider-Beast closer to a spider-man. Spider-Beast led the new batch of clones to fight and torment Spidey til he died; a job he took great pleasure in. However, after hitting Spidey hard in the head, it triggered the memories of Jessica from her time as a Hydra agent. Spidey went insane and began to rip apart all of the clones. Spider-Beast managed to survive, however, and was taken by his master. He then promptly joined Jackal's Superior Six, as Spidey was lured to a warehouse by the Clone Jackie, he aided in his beating. Later, he also aided in the fight against the original Spider-Man. His final appearance was after the betrayal of Jackie, he fought Spidey to protect Jackal, he was killed after having a hole punched through him.  

Powers Abilities

Super Strength: has super strength but not to the degree of Spidey or even Spider-Man

Super Speed: thanks to his more aggressive spider DNA he has speed beyond Spidey

Super Stamina: His stamina can be on par with Spidey's however being a clone of a clone he will  eventually tire faster

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