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Serena Patel is the Doctor Octopus of the year 2099, and the president of the Shadow Division for the mega corporation Alchemax. Because of this, she regularly fights the Spider-Man of 2099.

Journey to the Past

After numerous defeats at the hand of Spider-Man 2099, Serena attempted to travel back in time to kill the original Spider-Man before he started his career, so that this new one would never have been created, and so that Alchemax could start decades before planned. However, she ended up in a alternate timeline (Earth-78315) where Spidey existed. She was hoping to conquer this new universe, however, the old Spider-Man challenged her, but thanks to her superior technology, she was able to outmatch and defeat him. Attempting to kill him, she thought she had the victory, but he simply pretended to be dead. She then went off to kill heroes. Before she could kill anyone, she was interrupted by Spidey, who with the aid of the old Spidey, broke the device keeping her in the past and sent her back to her time.

Return to the Past

After fixing her device, Serena once again went back in time to face Spidey, this time teaming up with the Jackal and many other villains of that time to form the Superior Six. She waited in ambush for Spidey when they laid their trap. Having distaste for the chaotic nature of the 2 goblins and Jackal's insanity, Serena remarked she only joined for her own gain. She was among the Six during their attempt to draw out the original Spider-Man and broke one of his legs in the battle. When Spidey confronted them again this time with Jackie by his side, she was defeated yet again by having her device destroyed. Sometime later she attempted to strand Spider-Man 2099 in the early 1800's, however he ended up in Spidey's time. She chased and battled them through several time periods before being defeated and brought to the future by Spiderman 2099. She is later fought by again by Spidey during the Age of Alchemax event where she is killed by Arcspider by being sliced in half. She was later mentioned to be alive in the original timeline.

Powers Abilities

Genius level intellect

(while in suit) super strength thanks to extra limbs that respond incredibly fast as if they were thoughts.

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