Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation X-men (Earth-612)
Base of Operations Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Age 19
Alignment Good
Marital Status Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Green
Hair Black/Brown
Skin Unknown
Unusual Features Unknown
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-612
Place of Birth Unknown
Created by User:ΚΟΜΙΞ

Scott Parker is an Omega level mutant. He is one of the few mutants whose powers weren't erased by Scarlet Witch's Decimation Spell. It is later revealed that Scott's power was so great which allowed him to survive the witch's spell without losing any of his powers and it was with the powers of Jean Grey (Earth-612) and Legion (Earth-612).

Early Life

Avengers and X-men War

Scott played a part at the Avengers and X-men war where he helped the X-men locate the Avengers with his powerful telepathy and he was stand on his own against opponents such as the indestructible Hulk (Earth-612) and the all mighty Thor (Earth-612) without using a serious amount of his power. He also helped Jean and Hope to restore the mutant gene by holding the Avengers long enough out of their way.



Scott's telepathy is so great that it has been that it rivals the telepathy of Jean Grey and Emma Frost. However it has been stated by Emma that his telepathic powers are great but he must be trained so as to have more access to his telepathy and not to rely on raw power.



Phoenix Force (possibly due to his powerful telepathy)

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