Ronan the Accuser
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation New Titan Empire (Temporary ruler, true ruler missing)
Base of Operations Infinity Watch
Relatives Thanos (Father)

Obitus (Mother, deceased)

Age 119
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 7' 10"
Weight 768kg
Eyes Red
Hair None
Skin Grey
Unusual Features Glowing red eyes, abnormal skeletal structure, four rows of sharp teeth.
Origin Titiana with Deviant Gene
Universe Earth-81648
Place of Birth Titan, Messier 81 Galaxy
Created by PhotonCommander10
 Ronan is a Titiana-Shi'Ar crossbreed born on the planet Titan. Like his father, Ronan has the Deviant gene and therefore appears drastically different, even when compared to his father.


Quote1 Like father, like son! I will rule this empire until the day I die! And with my almighty power, the universe is begging me dead already! But I so NO! I will stand strong and continue my father's throne, because he will come back, some day... Quote2

Born into New Titan

Ronan was born to the ruler of the new New Titan Empire, Thanos, and his lover, Obitus. He was the first ever crossbreed of Titiana and Shi'Ar, which made him a valued specimen. From birth, rebels tried to kidnap the baby, hoping to use it against Thanos later in his life. His father and mother protected him at all costs, and killed countless rebels to keep Ronan safe. But one day, his mother died due to a spear wound while she was attacking a planet at the edge of the solar system. Ronan was left to be raised by his father, who then disappeared after destroying the moon of Titan. This meant that Ronan, only three years old, was orphaned. He was taken in by Thanos' right hand man, Mephestus, who also took the throne in Thanos' absence.

New Ruler

When he turned 14, Ronan decided the throne should be his. He demanded Mephestus stepped down, and savagely beat him when the then-ruler refused. Mephestus was put into hospital, and Ronan took the throne. Despite not having the power his father did, Ronan ruled with an iron fist nonetheless. Within a year of ruling, he'd already enveloped a new planet into the empire, and killed thousands with his bare hands.


Quote1 The blood on my hands runs thick with the vengeance of my father! Empires have become ash under my boot! Your planet has been accused of attempting a rebellion against the New Titan Empire! So as my Annihilation Swarm infests your mortal form, think about my face, laughing as you die, as your body crumbles into dust. Quote2

After the Shi'Ar Capital attempted a rebellion, managing to kill 3 of Ronan's "Phalanx", the Son of Thanos initiated his ultimate plan of attack, a nanite virus that deteriorates flesh. Unleashing massive pods on the planet of the Shi'Ar, he spoke to the leader of the rebels, over a live feed that was broadcast throughout the solar system. He killed the leader by slicing his throat, before teleporting off-world and giving the command to release the virus. Within a week, the planet had been reduced to a desert, void of life. Seeing the effectiveness of the "Annihilation", Ronan had pods positioned on all the planets in the system except Titan. He held the planets at the brink of demise, pushing them to work harder on the various monuments of himself and harvesting the crop fields.

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