Rulk v. Hulk

Red Hulk attacking hulk in the savage land after he angered hulk.


The Replacement Avengers replace the Avengers (Earth-2013). The roster consists of Red Hulk, Venom, The Thing, Captain America II, Ant Man II, Thunderstrike, and War Machine.
Thing getting beat up by crazy hobo

The thing gets beat up by a crazy hobo with superpowers before the first mission can even start

Rulk and venom

Rulk and Venom are not the best team mates


The first Avengers team gets stuck in the Savage Land trying to destroy Ultron, so Nick Fury conducts a team of heroes. At first, Venom and Red Hulk don't get along. Red Hulk nearly tries to kill Venom, but Thing holds him off. The others work together well. Before they even have their first mission, a crazy super powered hobo beats up the Thing.

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