Mystique 5 2
Vital statistics
Aliases Deadpool, Pistol-Packer
Affiliation Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Base of Operations Mobile
Relatives Nightcrawler, son
Age 167
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Yellow, variable
Hair Red, variable
Skin Blue, variable
Unusual Features Blue skin, yellow eyes, though this is variable.
Origin Shape-shifting mutant assassin who joined the Brotherhood to help eradicate humanity.
Universe Earth-5
Place of Birth New Mexico
Created by Next X-Man
Quote1 Darling, it's common knowledge that humans are weak. I've killed hundreds in the past few weeks! But you have the heart, so I'll help you along. No villain team is complete without a highly powered assassin, you know. Quote2

Raven Darkholme is a mutant terrorist and current member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.


Very little is known for sure of the woman who calls herself Raven Darkholme. It is unknown how old she is, as she can use her powers to defy aging. It is known, however, that her powers manifested at an early age. She spent most of her life moving around, fighting for survival on the streets. When she ventured to Canada, she found a boy with spikes protruding from his hands. The boy saw Raven and asked her for help. He introduced himself as James Howlett, and Raven tried to comfort him. Soon enough, his claws disappeared, and he asked her to stay with him. She agreed, and soon the two became more than friends. But when Mystique started to enjoy killing animals that they had to eat, James left her for good, alone in the Canadian wilderness.

Soon, when Raven was attacked by a mugger, she grabbed a small firearm and shot him to death. This made her realize that she loved killing people as well. She then decided to become an assassin. She traveled the country, buying various guns and weapons, all under different aliases. Then she created a new male form called Deadpool. She used this form to earn lots of money, kill people (more than her contracts allow), and annoy Wolverine for how he ended things. She was successful in all 3, and soon became rich enough to never have to live in the streets again.

Soon, word of Deadpool got around, and Scarlet Witch came to recruit him to her Brotherhood. When she got there and found Mystique, she attacked her, but she was able to subdue Mystique. Then she asked where Deadpool was, and Raven answered, "Right here," shifting into her Deadpool form. She was then asked to join the Brotherhood, and she agreed, trying to develop her identity as Mystique. Sometimes she appeared as Deadpool, sometimes Mystique.

Powers and Abilities

Mystique DP 5

Mystique in her identity as Deadpool.


Shapeshifting: Mystique can alter the cells of her body to appear like anyone else, down to the fingerprints, voice, and eyes. She can camouflage to her surroundings as well.

Healing Factor/Slowed Aging: Mystique has a healing factor allowing her to recover from bullet wounds in seconds. This also slows the signs of aging on her body.

Teleportation: Mystique has the ability to teleport up to 10 miles.


Combatant: Mystique is a master of armed and unarmed combat.

Weapons Master: Mystique has handled guns and bladed weapons, and is a master of using them.

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