Prometheus Ops
Basic Information
Status Active
Alignment Good
Base of Operations None
Team Leader(s) Justice
Current Members Mortal, Darkness, Inferno, Lightning, Sentry
Former Members Dynamite, Savage, Cyclone
Allies None
Main Enemies All terrorist threats
Origin Formed as a super-powered Black Ops team
Place of Formation Unknown
Creator PhotonCommander10
 Prometheus Ops is a Black Ops team of heroes based in England.


England's Hidden Heroes

When the terrorist threats in England began to rise, the government decided it was time to take a stand. The military organisation, Titan, was confronted, and they immediately set to work on creating a Black Ops team that could take out terrorist threats before the public were even aware of them. Titan's long history of being fascinated with "super soldiers" led to the idea of the Black Ops team being just that. Once the team was put together, Titan put the members through a memory wipe, so they wouldn't be pulled back by past experiences, but making sure they had their weapons and combat expertise.

Heroes of the Shadows

Quickly proving to be an effective team, the squad stopped a total of 11 terrorist threats in the first three months. During their 12th outing, they tricked the terrorists into dismantling their own bomb, which reminded Cyclone of the "trickster deity" Prometheus. Taking on the name Prometheus Ops, they cut all ties with Titan and became completely independent. This proved to be an advantage, as they didn't have to worry about the expectancy of behaviour, and as such could be much more brutal, and by default more effective.

Eris Corps

After a year of working against terrorism in England (and on several occasions, Britain as a whole), the Prometheus Ops came into contact with the Eris Corps, a group of terrorists wanting revenge on the mysterious soldiers who had constantly thwarted them. They lured the Prometheus Ops into their clutches, and managed to trap them in an underground storage facility. Split up and attacked one by one, the Ops were pushed to their limits, and beaten down. Instead killing them, the Eris Corps threw them into a metal crate, which they chained shut. However, Mortal managed to summon the last of his strength to break them out of the chain-bound prison. Putting up one last fight, the Ops managed to take out the various terrorists, executing them all, before escaping the now-collapsing facility. Afterwards, Savage decided he didn't want to be on the team anymore, as he blamed himself for the team falling into the trap. Thinking himself a liability, he asked Cyclone to kill him. Using his intense air-pressure gauntlets, Cyclone blasted Savage's head open, killing him instantly.

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