Project OMEGA is an important event in the history of the 78315 universe. It involves Bastion's attempt at meta human and mutant mass genocide.


The event starts as a man hidden in the shadows in an unknown location watches on a screen: Sentinels  massacring a small group of mutants. The figure then says, "Project OMEGA has begun." The scene then shifts to a week in the future, as Spidey is attacked by a Sentinel, not knowing what it is. He manages to defeat the machine, and then is alerted that more are on there way. Three Sentinels appear and overwhelm Spidey. He is about to be killed until the arrival of the X-Men (Wolverine and Colossite). They are able to over-power the Sentinels. Spidey is then brought to the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, which is now being run by Cyclops (Scott Summers), where many other superhumans and mutants have been brought. He then discovers that Sentinels are mutant slaying robots designed by Bolivar Trask, that they have been mass reproduced, and that the government is planning a strike against mutants. Cyclops then rallied all the Morlocks and the Brotherhood, and any other mutant or hero villain he could find, and lead an assault against the Capitol City, where the Sentinels were being produced. D.C became a battle ground between superhumans and Sentinels, and Spidey lead a group of X-Men into the White House, and it was discovered that the President had been killed, and the Super Sentinel Bastion had taken over. He had returned from over 20 years of being destroyed.  For he was responsible for Project OMEGA. Spidey, Storm, Wolverine, and Cyclops then fought and even defeated him, but he merged with the new Master Mold to become Ultimate Bastion; even more powerful, he called upon his Sentinel Monoliths and the OMEGA Sentinel to battle. And at this point, more heroes joined against him. Once his Monoliths were destroyed, he was defeated, and being the main control center of the Sentinels, with his defeat all other sentinels were defeated as well, ending his ambititons forever. Afterwards Spidey returned home, and so did the other heroes.



Master Mold


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