Quicksilver 5
Vital statistics
Aliases Speedy, Flash
Affiliation Formerly Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Base of Operations Formerly abandoned explosives factory
Relatives Magneto, father

Scarlet Witch, sister Polaris, half-sister Toad, adopted brother

Age 20
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Single
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Grey
Hair White
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features None
Origin Super-fast mutant who joined Magneto's Brotherhood and perished.
Universe Earth-5
Place of Birth Transia
Created by Next X-Man
Quote1 He missed! The fool missed! What an idiot. No one can hit me! Not even the explosion, I can outrun anything, at least I think... Quote2

Quicksilver is a mutant and former member of the Brotherhood. He is currently deceased.


Pietro Maximoff is the son of Magneto. He was born to Magda, but she died shortly after birth, so he and his twin sister Wanda were taken into the care of the Maximoff gypsies. They were raised well, until the development of their mutant powers. Django taught Quicksilver to run, and soon he had to flee the town after Django was accused of crimes. They then spent a few years on the road. Wanda soon caused a house to erupt into flames, and the two were attacked by villagers, and they would have died, had Magneto not arrived to save them. He brought them to his base, and asked that they join his Brotherhood. They agreed, and were soon outfitted with costumes. They fought valiantly against the X-Men, until Cyclops shot at Quicksilver. He missed, but he accidentally ignited the explosives. Quicksilver was unable to outrun the explosion, and he was killed.

Powers and Abilities


Super Speed: Quicksilver has the ability to run at superhuman speeds nearing Mach I.

Time Travel: Quicksilver would have been able to run fast enough to enter the future, had he lived long enough to develop this.

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