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Phil Coulson is a character in the Earth-69 universe. He was Don Blake's friend and mentor before his death.


Phil was a high ranking SHEILD agent for many years prior to the arrival of Don Blake. He was made Nick fury's right hand man for saving his life. When Don first arrived shortly before his transformation into Thor, Coulson befriended him. However Coulson was suspicious of the Mentally unstable Lawrence Olsen. Coulson was one of the spectators as the procedure on Olsen and Blake occured. He is later seen after the attack on the Helicarrior by Olsen and aids Blake in a retilation plan. However Olsen unlocks the power of the Cosmic cube and kills him. his death giives Blake the power to defeat Loki.

Powers Abilities

Military training: Thanks to his many years at SHEILD coulson is military expert.

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