Vital statistics
Universe Earth-81648
Base of Operations New Titan Empire
Body Type Serpent
Eyes None (Mechanical lenses)
Hair None
Skin Black/grey
Number of Limbs None
Special Adaptations None
Notable Individuals
Home Planet Titan
Origin Cyborgs created from the flesh of dead Titiana soldiers and made into Ronan's first fleet.
Created by PhotonCommander10
 Phalanx are a race of cyborgs composed of the dead flesh of Titiana soldiers.


Quote1 My Phalanx will rain down from the sky and tear apart worlds! They are above the Annihilation, in every single way. However, I've come to love my creations, and they will remain alive if it's the last thing I do. Anyone who comes between me and my precious Phalanx will surely suffer my wrath. Quote2

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