272px-Spider-Man 1602 (Peter Parquagh) - (Earth-311)

Peter Perqia or the Spider-Man of Notre Dame is the main character in earth-460000 universe.


Born in somewhere in Paris near the Cathedral Notre Dame, He was abandoned on the streets and was Found by Maria Perqia who adopts the baby and names him Peter. She teaches him and under her parentage he develops a kind heart. He grows up to be an adventurous boy and teaches himself acrobatics at an early age. On the day of the Spider festival he dresses like a Spider-man and uses his skills to please the crowd. This is where he first meets the beautiful Gwendala. Afterwards he continues to appear as the Spider-Man and begins to gains her admiration and affection. Seeing this the corrupt Archdeacon Normon who is also in love with Gwendala. So he frames him for a murder. and orders  his soldiers to capture him. However he is saved by Gwendala and is able to escape however she is captured. As she is about to be hung he swings in on a rope and saves her. He then brings her to Maria's house and over the next few months there romance blooms. However Normon is told by a villager where Gwendala is. So he leads Peter away by sending a thief to steal one of Maria's amulets. When Peter returns he finds that Maria and Gwendala have been taken to the Cathedral. He manages to make it there right as Normon tries to rape her, and begins to beat him brutally.  Gwendala begs Peter not to kill him so he takes Gwendala and Maria and they attempt to escape Paris. However they are attacked by more guards and in the batte Gwendala is recaptured and Maria is killed. He makes it to the cathedral just as Gwendala is hung. He then hears Normon laughing and throws him of the tower. He then leaves Notre Dame and finds Gwendala's body in a tomb and wraps around her, refusing to leave her side. Years later their skeletons are found by an explorer, and when he is seperated from her, his bones turn to dust.

Powers & Abilities

Master acrobat: thanks to years of training to become an acrobat he is quite agile

Super Strength: Is slightly stronger than the average human ( is possibily one of the first mutants ever)

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