Iron Man
Iron Man (Castaways)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Castaways
Base of Operations The Desert Beyond Space and Time
Age 20
Alignment Good
Marital Status In a Relationship
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-774337
Place of Birth New York
Created by Artemis Panther
Quote1 I know we've all suffered hardships. We've all gone through endless crap in our lives. That's what makes us special. That's what defines us. It's what makes us heroes. It's what makes us Castaways. Quote2
Iron Man (Peter Parker)


Home Reality

Spider-Man (Iron Man) (Castaways)

Peter as Spider-Man

Peter's home reality followed the same path as Earth-616, up until one of Spider-Man's fights against Anti-Venom. Anti-Venom was able to remove Peter's powers completely, and he got away. Peter visited his friend and fellow Avenger, Tony Stark, who planned on marrying Pepper Potts, and giving up his heroic identity as Iron Man. Peter requested to carry on the mantle of Iron Man, rather than become Spider-Man again. Tony accepted, and he gave Peter access to all of his technology, even Jarvis.


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