Spider-Man (Excel)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Ultimates (Earth-52161)
Base of Operations Helicarrier
Age 21
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-52161
Place of Birth New York
Created by Artemis Panther
Quote1 My uncle was a great man. He died saving my aunt's life, but I wasn't able to do that forever. Then my adoptive father, Curt Connors. He was a great man, too. But he later became Venom, my greatest enemy. It wasn't long until he sacrificed himself in order to stop it. All that aside, these men taught me something great. They taught me, that with great power, there must also come great responsibility. Quote2



When Peter was a little kid, his father, Richard Parker, was close friends with his boss, Norman Osborn, and Norman was very close to making Richard the new CEO of Oscorp. Richard's partner, Curt Connors also knew Peter and enjoyed watching him when Peter's parents were busy. When Richard took his wife, Mary, on a business trip, their plane was sabotaged by an unknown assassin and they were killed, so Peter went into the foster care of his Aunt and Uncle.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben

After moving in with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Peter became pretty close with them, and they were around much more often than his real parents were. However, Peter strove to become as smart as his father one so that he could work at Oscorp one day. His Uncle Ben encouraged his dream, however, when Curt Connors began contacting them less and less, he started to resent him for abandoning Peter.

The Red Head and the Rich Kid

In High School, Peter found a very close friendship in the second smartest person in school, Mary Jane Watson. The two became very close friends, and they each a crush on the other but were too embarrassed to tell each other.
Peter Parker (Excel)

Peter Parker

They would hang out constantly and Uncle Ben encouraged Peter to ask her out, and when he did, she said yes. Not long after that, Peter was assigned to tutor the rich kid, Harry Osborn, the son of Norman Osborn. When he went to Harry's house to tutor him, they discovered they have a lot in common and became pretty good friends. When Harry's father finally saw Peter, he instantly recognized him as the son of Richard Parker, and he offered Peter a tour of Oscorp, and maybe even an internship. It was a lot to process, but Peter accepted the tour, and said he would think about the internship.

The Tour

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