Quote1 Curses, gifts, really they're all the same when you get down to it. They each give you something extraordinary, whether you like it or not. I'm not really sure which one I got. Quote2
Ghost Rider



Peter's childhood was similar to his mainstream counterpart. His parents died when he was only four years old and he was taken in by his aunt and uncle. At first he didn't want to be with them because he wanted his parents back, but he eventually warmed up to them and decided not to think about his parents. He eventually began enjoying living with his uncle, who would take him to sporting events, so Peter never got into science and never became a brainiac.

The Incident

When Peter was fifteen years old, he was off at his school's final football match of the year cheering on his best friend, Flash Thompson. After a very close match, they won the game and the championship. Peter congratulated Flash and the others before getting a call from his Aunt May. He figured it was just a reminder to come home, so he declined the call and drove home. When he got home he found several police cars surrounding his house and a thug looking man pinned down on one of them. He rushed inside despite the cops' orders. He found his uncle with a bullet wound being loaded onto a stretcher. He saw his Aunt May crying on the floor so he ran over to comfort her, wishing he'd taken her call.

The Desperate Deal


On the Run

Becoming Ghost Rider

Peter Parker (B00)

Peter Parker

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