Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 525 - page 11 - Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)

Ororo Munroe is a hero in the Earth-2345678 universe as well as a casual WEB Resistance member.

Quote1 Ancestors give me strength! Quote2


As a child Ororo was a pick pocket for  the evil mutant psychic Amahl Farouk. However he was defeated by Charles Xavier. It was then revealed she was mutant with the power to control the weather, and she became one of Xavier's first X-men. Years later she became a teacher in the Xavier Institute and Avengers member.

Spidey's Rise

Ororo did not have much to say or do in the matter of Spidey's criminal killing spree and his supposed murder of a 7-year-old girl. It was however proven he was innocent of the murder then went into hiding. Little did Ororo or any of the other heroes know, Spider-Man was secretly plotting his revenge. He took control of AIM and the Hand to for his criminal organization WEB. Storm wasn't present during the battle at the Helicarrier but she heard about it on the news. Weeks later Spider-Man recreated the sentinels and attacked mutants everywhere Storm was ambushed and almost killed. however she survived but her husband T'Challa did not. Consumed with grief she fled to Wakanda where for 10 years she hid rarely leaving her hiding place.

10 years later

After the death of Captain America and Wakanda is invaded by Spidey's forces Ororo decided she had enough and joined the Resistance against Spider-Man. She first saves the Punisher from a Spider-master then when Spider-Man takes control of the Infinity Gauntlet she is heavily injured but manages to survive. After Spider-Man's defeat she returns to Wakanda to be the queen.

Powers Abilities

Weather control: Ororo's mutant ability gives her the power to control the elements

Hand-to-hand combat: Being trained as X-men Ororo is a competent fighter

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