Normon is a villain in the Earth-46000 universe. He is Archdeacon of the Notre Dame cathedral


Normon is the corrupt Archdeacon of Notre Dame. He was an ambitious young man seeking power: his studies led him to become the Archdeacon. As Archdeacon, he abuses his power, having his enemies killed, and forcing women to have intercourse with him. He falls in love with the beautiful gypsy Gwendala, however, she is infatuated with the Spider-Man. Unable to resist her, he has a man murdered and frames Spider-Man, and orders his soldiers to kill him. However, he escapes, and they capture Gwendala instead, who helped him escape. He then gives a choice, to be his, or he will hang her for helping a murderer. She chooses to die, but she is saved by the Spider-Man. For months he searches for her, until a villager reveals the house she is in, which in turn reveals the Spider-Man's secret identitiy. He then sends a thief to lure him away, then has his soldiers abduct Gwendala, and the boy's mother. Normon then tries to rape Gwendala, but he is attacked by Spider-Man and beaten badly. However, he is spared, and the 2 flee, but his guards recapture Gwendala. He then, from his tower, watches as she is hanged. He laughs hysterically, and is then thrown from the tower by Spider-Man

Powers & Abilitiess

None beyond control over the church.
Spid1602 v1 2002

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