Norman Osborn is the CEO of the science-based OsCorp, whose split personality acts as the superhuman criminal, the Green Goblin.


Quote1 Osborn, you know us to be the way -- NO! -- YES! ACCEPT US! -- You're mad! Part of my stressed -- Your stressed psychological state? I've heard it all before! Just accept us! Me and the Goblin have become one, why not join us? -- Leave me alone! I may not be the perfect person, but I, am, not, a vill -- Not a villain? You can't even look your own son in the eye without wanting to strangle him! -- How do you... -- I'm you! Join me, Osborn! -- Never! -- You're pathetic Osborn! Your father was right! You. Are. Worthless. -- No! I am not worthless! I am...I am...I am...the GREEN GOBLIN! -- No! All wrong! WE are the Green Goblin! Quote2
Osborn and his split personality, Bart Hamilton, talking

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