Black Widow
Black Widow (Excel)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Ultimates (Earth-52161)
Base of Operations Helicarrier
Age 23
Alignment Good
Marital Status In a Relationship
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair Red
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-52161
Place of Birth California
Created by Artemis Panther
Quote1 It's up to me to wipe out the red in my family's ledger. I'm not going to let their past catch up with my present. Never again. Quote2
Black Widow


Growing up with the Russian Mafia

Natalia is the daughter of the Russian mob boss, Dmitri Romanova, who took refuge in California in order for his gang to escape the Russian federal agency. Not long after Natalia was born, her mother was killed by a rival boss. This caused her father to become over protective of her, but all she wanted was a regular teenage life. However, she did enjoy learning all of her father's associate's tricks, such as combat and weaponry. Her gymnastics classes also added onto her already flawless fighting performances.

First Boyfriend

When Natalia was sixteen, she started dating a boy named Alex Shostakov, who was also of Russian heritage. She almost fell in love with him, and she even had the courage to tell her father about him. He recognized the name Shostakov, it was the name mob that had his wife murdered. He sent two of his best men to spy on Alex, unbeknownst to Natalia. The men later discovered that he did come from the same Shostakov family, so Dmitri had him murdered and his body was left on his parents' front lawn. When Natalia discovered this, she ran away from home before her father could even explain.

Vengeance is Served

Later that same night, Natalia snuck into her father's mansion and stole some of his favorite weapons and she quickly escaped. She created a suit for herself that was capable of keeping all of them at her disposal. She quickly began assassinating everyone associated with the Romanova mob, but she wanted to end it with her father. After he discovered his mob was being hunted, he had the same men who killed Alex to go after this "Black Widow". She killed both of them and confronted her father. After braking both of his legs, she revealed herself and decided that she wanted to see him in jail, and get punished for his crimes. He called the police and abandoned the building. They later arrived and Dmitri was brought to jail with no trial.


Within the next week, Natalia had her name changed to Natalie Romann, in order to disconnect any ties with her family.

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