Aunt May is the Aunt to Peter Parker in the Earth-2345678 universe.

Be strong strong

-Aunt May


May at an Early age married the love of her life Ben Parker. The 2 lived happily togther for nearly 30 years. However one day Ben's younger brother Richard and his wife were killed in a freak accident, orphaning his nephew Peter. Ben then decided to Take the boy in and raise him as his own. May was m
ore the delighted to have a son of thier own. The couple taught Peter valuable life lessons such as with great power there must also come great responsibilty. One night as Ben arrived home from a long days work he was shot by a burgular that had been stalking the area. He was put in the ER but it was futile he died shortly after. May was stricken with grief that her love had died and that she had to raise their nephew on her own. Determined to give him a good life May did anything neeeded to make end's meat. Months later while doing laundry Peter came in the house in his Spider costume. This gave may a heart attack and she died.

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