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Maria Hill is an antagonist in the Earth-69 universe.


Maria Hill was a high-ranking SHIELD agent. She was smart and cunning, and she overlooked Operation Rebirth II. When the first 2 experiments were deemed successes, she also underwent the same procedure, and was modeled after the Norse god Hela. However, during Loki's attack, her mind was reprogrammed. She then wanted to take the U.S for herself.  The public's recent distrust for the government soon lead to a mass rebellion. Hela found she could use nanites to mentally control corpses. She invaded Washington, D.C, in the confusion, and killed the U.S leaders. Using the chaos to her advantage, she announced herself God, but was opposed by Thor. The first battle ended in her favor: she buried him alive and continued her conquest. She went on to torture and kill many people. However, Thor survived, and fought her again, wounding her. She attempted to flee but was struck down by Thor and died.

Powers & Abilities

Nanotechnalogy: Hela has been infused with Nanites that she can use to "enhance" others, such as her army of the undead, who are really nanite-infused corspes.

Superhuman senses: Thanks to the serum, she has senses beyond human levels.

Super stamina: Thanks to nanites, Maria has almost unlimited stamina.

Healing Factor: Nanites repair most damage to the body.

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