Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel (1)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Avengers (Earth-1)
Base of Operations Avengers Mansion
Age 27
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Glowing Blue
Hair Green
Skin Blue
Unusual Features
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-1
Place of Birth Kreekor, Capitol of Hala
Created by Artemis Panther
Quote1 The Kree are a peaceful race. Well, I should say were. We were pretty much wiped out by our rivals, the Skrulls. They infiltrated our planet's security systems by posing as individuals with high privileges. I was one of the lucky few. I escaped through a space time portal and ended up on this planet. I do not plan to go back. Quote2
Captain Marvel



Mar-Vell had a very good life on his home planet, Hala. He was a member of the Keekor Police Force, and he saved many lives. He was also living with his fiance, Cai-Rel, who he loved very much. Things just kept getting better for Mar-Vell when he was offered the opportunity to become a body guard for President Ronan, to which he accepted. After taking the job, Mar-Vell got a large raise in payment and thrill. He didn't think things could get any better.

The Skrulls Invade

Mar-Vell was one of the first people to discover that the Kree's rivals, the Skrulls, were invading the planet. He discovered a Skrull in Ronan's office, and they took the form of the President and attempted to fool Mar-Vell, but he shot and killed the Skrull. His body was later found, and they believed Mar-Vell had killed the president, so he became a wanted fugitive. He said his goodbyes to Cai-Rel, and they had one last night of love before he left to keep her save. When the Skrull's made their invasion public, the Kree no longer wasted time hunting Mar-Vell. He even attempted to assist them in fighting the Skrulls.

Escape to Earth

The battle waged on for weeks, and eventually, Mar-Vell got time to visit his home, but he was only met with Cai-Rel's body on the floor. Mar-Vell cried as he apologized to Cai-Rel for getting her killed. He decided he had no more place on Hala, and that the Kree could win their war without him. He managed to use his portal generator, which only body guards of the president have, that he had hid in case of emergency. He did not even bother setting a destination, he just walked through, hoping to end up far, far away from any memories of Hala.



  • Captain Marvel suffered a similar fate to that of Thor. Each of them were members of an alien race who were exiled to Earth after their mortal enemies rendered their whole race extinct.

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