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Mangog or OMEGA weapon is a villain in the Earth-69 universe.


During Hela's rebellion the U.S's greatest  technicians, inventors,scientists and weapons manufacturers joined togther to form a group called interpol. Their mission createS weapon to stop Hela. They dubbed it project OMEGA weapon. However Hela was defeated before it's completion so it was never launched. However production continued.  From then on it got nickname MangogMalekith having government secrets found it's location and programmed it to serve him. With it he was almost unstopable. The 2 then rescued Kurse from his confinement and went in search of the Cosmic Cube. They were attacked by Blake however once they reached the cube's location the 3 easily overpowered Blake but Kurse repented and threw Mangog into the cube destroying him.

Powers Abilities

Super Strength: during tests it was proven Mangog could lift over 25 tons

Super durability: Mangog's hide is comprised of vibranium

Firearms:Has many types of weapon embedded within his body

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