Malekith the Accursed
Malekith 9013
Vital statistics
Aliases The Accursed, the Darkest Elf, Master of Deals, Lord of the Wild Hunt
Affiliation Dark Elves (King)
Base of Operations Palace of the Accursed, Svartalfheim
Relatives Lady Mazerot (Mother)
Age 344
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Single
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 6' 5"
Weight 84kg
Eyes Blue (White when casting spells)
Hair White
Skin Black/pale blue
Unusual Features Skin is two different colours (Black left, pale blue right)
Origin Dark Elf
Universe Earth-9013
Place of Birth Svartalfheim
Created by Jacques Worther

Quote1 People have this strange notion that the Svartalfar want redemption. That we want to step out of our dark, dark world, and become something greater. We're called Dark Elves for a reason. We like the darkness. We like the pain, and the suffering, and the utter devastation we inflict. It's who we are.

And I'm their ruler, the sickest, most twisted king in all the ten realms. I'll grant your deepest desire, then turn it on you. I'll skin you alive and carve the ancient dialects of my people into the flesh beneath. I'll torture you to the point of insanity, where you can't go on anymore, and then I'll snap your puny neck and have my people drag you back from Hel for more.

Do you still want to make that deal?'' Quote2


Powers and Abilities

Master Sorcerer: Due to years of training and experience, Malekith is one of the greatest sorcerers in the Nine Realms.

Superhuman Physiology: By human standards, Malekith is much greater physically. This includes strength, speed, durability and agility.


  • His age, 344, is a reference to the first comic book appearance of Malekith, Thor #344.