1959920-917855 malekith

Malekeith is a villain in the Earth-69 universe.


When Fury found that his nanite based Super soldiers were a success he cloned himself and injected nanites into the embryo. Giving the clone super powers but a deformed look. The nanites used were connected to Fury's brainwaves so Fury could activate it whenever he pleased. it's main directive fufil it's master's last wish. He was given the name Makekeith by Fury who named him Male clone Keith. Or Malkekeith for short. When Fury was killed by Don Blake he sent a mental signal. Malekeith was the awakend to fufill his master's last wish the destruction of SHIELD. Malekeith then put his plan into action by activating Mangog and freeing Kurse from his confinement. The trio set their eyes on the Cosmic Cube. However once reaching the cube's location they were intercepted by Blake. Who they easily overpowered but Kurse defected and used himself as a weapon to kill Mangog. Malekeith then faced Blake alone and the 2 were equals but Malekeith was consumed by the Cube as Loki escaped.

Powers Abilities

Super Strength: Thanks to the nanites he has strength far beyond the average human.

Super Stamina: His nanites give him limitless stamina. He produces no fatigue toxins

Technopathy: Has control over machinery and tech to a digree

Immunity: His nanites will kill any type of virus or disease

Flight: He can fly thanks to nanites

Energy Projection: Thanks to his nanites he can manipulate energy.

Super Durability: His enhanced biology gives him greater durability.

Healing Factor: Nanites repair most damage to his body

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