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You can start a fan article from here, but first read the rules that you can find below.

welcome to comic crossroads !
You've always wanted to create fan content for your favorite universes, characters or other, show to everyone your real talent and discover something new ? Well you're exactly at the right place.
This wiki is for the collective Comic Crossroads multiverse, which features Marvel, DC, Manga, Amalgam, Image, Dark Horse, Vertigo and Mirage Characters plus many more and Original Characters are a fair game as well. Established characters will have altered origins, with some having the same origins. We´re happy to have you as part of our community and happy editing!
what does comic crossroads offer you?

March 2016


Otto Octavius (Earth-81616) by Photon
Peter Parker81616

Quote1 Otto Octavius is a scientist and super soldier, who swapped bodies with Peter Parker, but remained trapped when Peter died. Quote2

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Earth-70709 by Jaggy

Quote1 The Inhumans in this reality takes the mainstream Kree's position, and Mutants take the Inhumans' place in this reality while Meta-Humans take Superhuman's position. Quote2

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The Phoenix Project by Mandy

Quote1 The Phoenix Project is a project created in order to study and contain the Phoenix. This project was created by Tony Stark (Iron Man), Reed Richards (Mr.Fantastic), Hank Pym (Ant-Man), and Hank McCoy (Beast) with Jean Grey as the volunteer who allowed them to attempt to contain the beast. Quote2

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  • Created: January 21st, 2013
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what are we?
Since 2013, Comic Crossroads allows you to combine each character, universe or object from any of your favourite comics (Marvel, Image, DC, Dark Horse, Amalgam, Mirage, Manga among others) and join them into one simple work and that is not something that can be seen everywhere on the Internet and that is why many people like us, in fact Comic Crossroads is the only wiki that allows you to do that. We have currently 10,118 articles based on content from all possible comics you can imagine, a very active community with great users and we assure you won´t regret making your first edit here.
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