Lawrence Olsen is the main antagonist of the Earth-69 universe. He was a soldier before being picked to be a super-soldier.


Olsen was raised by an abusive father, who would beat him on occasion. During one of the beatings, his mother was killed by his father. He then avenged her by burning his father alive. These events and years of beating from his father would scar him for life. To vent his frustration, he trained to join the army. Once enlisted, he too was chosen to be a part of Operation Rebirth II, alongside Don Blake. He was infused with nanites, and put under the guise of Loki, the god of mischief. However, because of his mental instability, the experiment drove him insane, and he saw himself as the real Loki. He then planned to steal the SHIELD prototype cosmic cube to take over the world. On a mission, he attacks his partner Blake (now going as Thor) and leaves him for dead. He then returns to the Helicarrier, steals the Cube and flees. However, he cannot access it's full power, and is unable to dominate humanity. Blake rallies against him, but he manages to unlock the cube and destroy most of the remaining agents, even Blake's friend Phil. Olsen the continues to kill 1 million people using the Cube, until he is attacked by Blake. During the battle he is consumed by the Cube, and everyone believes him to be dead. However he is simply trapped inside the cube. A year after his imprisonment, Malekeith attempted to use the cube and Loki was set free to get his revenge on Blake. He then teamed up with Radioactiveman to help him unlock the cube's limitless power. He opposed once again by Thor who he easily outmatched. Loki then used the cube to bend reality  as he saw fit disposing and after disposing of Chun he announced himself god of the universe. However Blake once again interfered and the 2 battled on the moon. Unable to withstand it's power Loki was destroyed in the battle.

Powers Abilities

Super Strength: Thanks to the nanites he has strength far beyond the average human.

Super Stamina: His nanites give him limitless stamina. He produces no fatigue toxins

Technopathy: Has control over machinery and tech to a digree

Immunity: His nanites will kill any type of virus or disease

Flight: He can fly thanks to nanites

Energy Projection: Thanks to his nanites he can manipulate energy.

Super Durability: His enhanced biology gives him greater durability.

Healing Factor: Nanites repair most damage to his body

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