Beginning of the Hero Mashup -

She stalked the dock, watching the water reflect up at her as the wooden platform creaked. Of course, the small woman wasn't any weight on it. But the dock was quite quiet. She had no reason to be so pacingly mysterious. Until she jumped straight up and landed on a tree branch near the dock, with her cat-like precision. And she jumped from tree to tree, across the dock and across the far side of the island. She seemed to have somewhere to go. Somewhere she saw from the dock platform.

Blue Beetle was just closing the door from his, and his team's, ship, when someone pounced on him and knocked him to the ground. She was closing his throat up and killing him right as he saw who it was. How did she find us? How did she see us? Did she smell us? This crazy woman! What if they know what our plans are! And Blue Beetle was killed by the agile woman who, like a cat, had prowled over to the ship-base stronghold, which was not a friendly ship to the Marvel base. Well, outsiders call it the Marvel base. And apparently the DC losers knew it too. Black Cat pranced across Blue Beetle and opened the door. These people were crashing the Marvel base party, and now she was going to crash their wagon.

"I told you all we had to act. Now we are, why are you so stubborn!" A man shouted.

"Well, I'm sure they realize we are here. It's obvious. We should have been a lot more stealthier if we are to take control of their base."

"Stealthier... We have only just arrived. And Booster is assembling the strike teams right now! What more do you require?"

"Oh, just a better way of handling these people. We are limited. They are stronger. This is their stronghold, and the stronghold we have is just a means of bulky transportation. No way will be survive this."

"Oh, yes. That is true. And yes, we have already found you." Black Cat strutted inside the room and found Green Arrow criticizing the methods of Nightwing. But before Green Arrow had time to show Nightwing he was right, Nightwing jumped at Black Cat who rolled underneath a table and arrived on the other side of it, dashing into a corridor. Green Arrow sighed, and called for assistance.

When Nightwing found Black Cat, she was with her match; Catwoman and Black Cat faced off, scratching and biting and kicking and going at it. Black Cat soon fell, though, and Catwoman wiped off the sweat from her face. "Wow. She is a tough one." She said to Nightwing. "Yeah, well. She is done now. Time to get on my suit. I will be right back, and then it is time to fight." Catwoman nodded and they parted, ready to tear up a base

Uncertainty -

The leaders of the Marvel team assemble, aware fully of the fact that Black Cat recently intercepted an enemy stronghold transportation device. Overthinking what this could be is a must for leaders like Cyclops and Wolverine and Captain America and Storm and Thor, but this was not normal... Almost no one knew about their base. These were DC threats. They wanted this base. They want to rid us of here. But, as Thor reminded them, we outnumber them. This shall be easy.

"Angel! Send word to the professor and any of our allies that we are being attacked. We have to take this seriously!" Cyclops shouted. Angel flew off right then, but Storm shook her head. "Cyclops... We mustn't get all caught up. We will simply beat them. It shall be easy." With that, she walked outside to see what the enemies boasted.

Aquaman jumped out of the water, in full suit and dripping wet. He was on an island where the Marvel heroes, renowned saviors, resided. Where all of the enemy hero base information was. He was sent to deliver a crippling blow to the base, a preliminary shock to these people.

"Stop right there." Someone arrived right behind him, from the water. Namor stepped out, with Storm flying right behind him. The two stared at him, with anger in their face. "It's time to get out." Storm spat out, quickly.

But before they had time to attack, a tiny shout from a tiny person erupted, and in one second an ant turned into a human, knocking Aquaman in the chin, who flew back. Ant Man smiled at Namor and Storm, who yelled at him that Aquaman was theirs. Ant Man shrugged, and turned small again and watched Nightcrawler grab Aquaman in the air and slam him down, and Storm brought down lightning onto Aquaman, who was toasted and fried to a crisp. Cyclops walked out and picked him up, slinging Aquaman over his shoulder. "Well, one down." And the X-Men brought him inside the base.

"Well, Aquaman is pretty much worthless. But I scanned the whole attacking group, and one stands out. Well, a few stand out. But an alien of some sort is with them, and if we could get a hold of him... Well, that would be fantastic!" Mr. Fantastic exclaimed. Beast and Vision were listening to him with their eyebrows raised. "That could be possible." Beast said, nodding his head. He looked over to Vision, who nodded too. "I thought as much also. I could tell someone of extreme importance was there. But there are others that might suit us even better." Mr. Fantastic waved this comment off. "Let's try the alien first. The other aliens can wait, because this guy is one of you, Vision. He is a standoff-ish being who really has some things going for him, I don't know what. Which means he could be a good person to identify and examine."

The Real Fighting Begins:

Raven walked into a nearby room to find Nightcrawler, who she expected to see. Nightcrawler spun around, and dropped to his knees crying out "Please! I knew you would come for me, you being someone who has such dark magical abilities as I! Don't harm me!" Raven sighed, and sent a wave of dark magic force over straight to him; Nightcrawler vanished in a POOF, and with another POOF ended up right next to Raven. She spun towards him, but his elbow was there, knocking her in the nose and sending her backwards. But Raven then recovered and ducked, putting a fist into his stomach, taking his wind and sending his brain scrambling. Raven walked towards him, taking his face and forcing dark confusion into his mind; she took him by the hair and smashed a window and, with her dark levitation, sent him out onto the hard ground. She laughed and put up a barrier around him as he attempted to teleport; and he couldn't. She laughed even harder now, as the field barred him from going anywhere. As she left, Nightcrawler, dropped to the ground. He would be forced to stay here and watch his friends die.

Walking through the hall towards the information room of the base, Raven sent her dark magic throughout the halls, smashing in walls and breaking windows and shooting objects across the room. Along the way, she found Ant Man, still an ant, dead. And dead Catwoman's suit being searched by Valkyrie. "Woman, you best leave here now. Your little fun here is ending." Valkyrie shot out. Raven shook her head, and sent objects flying at Valkyrie. Valkyrie sprang into action, dodging each and throwing her expert spear at Raven, who sent up a shield. The spear fell to the floor with a clang, and Valkyrie's face dropped. "Yeah, didn't know I could do magic did you? You are no match." Raven said in a matter-of-fact tone, and Valkyrie fled.

Chasing Valkyrie out, her and Raven found Marrow smashing objects of importance. With her sharp, stone hands, she was destroying computers and vital objects, and Valkyrie ran over. "What are you doing!" Valkyrie shouted. "I'm getting rid of these things so they can't get them! And I'm about to go, because I know this will not turn out good for us." With that, Marrow fled out an exit way. Valkyrie turned around to a laughing Raven. Raven send a wave of energy through the ground that knocked Valkyrie back against the wall, and sent her head spinning. The last thing she saw was Raven walking toward her.

Iron Fist was carrying the dead Raven when Valkyrie woke up. And Daredevil had another man in his arms. Valkyrie shot up, as Iron Fist winced and saw it was her. He put Raven down and ran to Valkyrie. "Are you alright?" He asked her. She nodded, wondering "What happened!", and Daredevil came to answer. "We found Raven, us and Cable. Cable attempted to blast the daylights out of her, but she wouldn't be hit. But after a while, Fist and I figured she was only good at energy and shields.". Iron Fist nodded, and added "Yes, so the two of us got out from our cover and joined Cable right as he got hit in the stomach with a thing of evil energy of some sort. He died soon after that, but Raven couldn't keep up with out karate. We knocked her in the head a few times, and she was done. And Cable was around just enough to see her die, and shot her right as she went unconscious. He shot her with an actual gun. It was pretty sick, she got all mental." Valkyrie nodded, and saw Raven. The evil woman was now still.

While this was all happening, Mr. Fantastic and Vision examined Martian Manhunter, who they had captured with the help of Namor. He was a complicated being... Vision was even confused. "It is quite hard to examine him... He is certainly from the planet of Mars, but he has been superpowered to the point of exhaustion. He can fight, but only so much that he doesn't overwhelm his plethora of abilities." Mr. Fantastic listened, asking "Well... Is that your guess?" Vision nodded.

Later on that night, with the battling halting somewhat, Vision recharged his energy in the work room, where Martian Manhunter was held. And the Mars being knew that. So he unstrapped himself, and took out all of the restraints, flexed his muscles, and got up. He looked around and, seeing Vision, went over. He put his hand on the chest of Vision and gained an insight into how he worked, and was shocked that people like him existed. Of course, Vision was not exactly like him. But he was somewhat a superhuman figure of grandiose capabilities, more than the Manhunter had found ever. More than Superman and Green Lantern and Jean Grey and Thor and Captain America. Finding a suitable position, a real position, for this being, Manhunter got to work... He would rewire Vision and have him only answer to him.


When Reed Richards woke up, he stretched his arms way out, as wide as a fantastic man with stretchable limbs like himself could, and saw Sue Storm in bed with him. He smiled and glad she had not been attacked yet by the evil invaders. They were so unprepared and small in number, it was ridiculous. But when he opened the door to check how the base was holding up, Vision was right there. "Oh, Hi Vision. How is everythi-" Reed stopped only when Vision took him by the throat. "You may not talk to The Vision." And he opened up a portal of some sort and threw him inside, and his screams eventually died out. Invisible Woman was behind him, though, and Vision fell to his knees. Sue Storm's invisibility died out, and she checked Visions diagnostics. He had been corrupted. And she was frightened. Now Reed was gone... What had happened to him?!

Sue Storm found the work room damaged and a whole chunk of the base blasted to bits. She grimaced, and found Martian Manhunter being examined by Cyclops and Captain America. "This skinny piece of junk is as frail as can be." Cap exclaimed. "Yes, he sure is. Sue, we found him and attacked him and found out what he did. But he put up barely any fight. Just hit him a few times and he was out. I don't know who these guys are, but they have some sort of plan.. They are way too ineffective, generally, to get far with this." Sue nodded. This was weird.

"NOW is the time to strike! Look at this! They are so unprepared, it is preposterous. It is funny, is what it is. They forgot about the villains, they were so caught up about each other!" Dr. Doom shouted to his audience. Magneto being the most important, most of those words were relayed to him. Magneto laughed a sour laugh, knowing he was right but the precious lives would not be handsome to lose. "Well, my kind sir. What a great idea. But who do you expect we send to do this daunting task? We will surely not get far. These stupid heroes attacking know that, but they wanted to catch them by surprise, and-" Dr. Doom put his hand up as caution. "Yes, they thought as much. But why not us too? We can catch them ALL by surprise!"

"Yes, let's go for it. I think it is a wonderful idea." Mystique stepped forward and told her feelings. After five minutes, the villains of Marvel had contacted the villains of DC and they teamed up, putting half of both of their armies to this task. "Yes, the villain revolution. We sure are the villains, aren't we. The smart, resourceful villains. They won't know what hit them. And we can call this world, and other worlds, ours. We will show everyone true leaders."

Her hands of energy went right onto his chest. She inserted the energy onto his skin, which seeped into his throat and lungs and down and up and left to right and everywhere. Moonstone giggled, and slapped Namor silly. He stumbled, and felt his whole insides exploding. Moonstone, wielder of energy, was killing him. He had no extreme abilities, and didn't know how to fight her or what she had just done. Finally, he exploded in a small ball of light. This all happened in five seconds.

And Ghost Rider was caught unaware, too. A beautiful woman walked into the room, and he realized it was his long-lost love Roxanne Simpson. She smiled tenderly, and the two ran to each other. Sadly, no one was around to see what would happen next. When they hugged, Johnny Blaze felt a pain. Not one of those inside pains that meant something deep... But a pain that went inside him and went deep. He looked down to see thorns going inside him, from Roxanne. She laughed and pushed him down, and Blaze realized he was stabbed. And Roxanne turned into Mystique, who kicked him in the side and was genuinely surprised. "Oh, so when you see your past love on a base during a war, you think it is actually her. Well, if so, then I need to teach you a few things. Not only teach you, but educate you. Your love has been taken over by Blackheart, I thought you knew. She is a servant of hell now." And she laughed, and Johnny Blaze screamed. What was this. This was a bad joke. And his vision faded. He was dead.

Mystique paced the base, as people slept and people planned. She knew who she wanted to find.

Nightcrawler, finally saved from his prison, sat with Storm as she tended his dark wounds. "That woman was insane, looks like." Storm shook her head and muttered. Nightcrawler sighed, wishing he wasn't here in such a hellish place. Storm knew this, but another form of hell came through the door next, an even more insane woman than Raven the dark woman.

Almost smashing the door in half, Mystique swung the door wide open and disrupted Storm and Nightcrawler, who both spun around. Ororo stood up and defended a shocked Nightcrawler, though Mystique offered no attack. "Woman, what are you doing here?!" Storm spat out. Mystique spat back "Oh, not a kind greeting for an old friend? Ororo glared at her. "No, because you are not welcome here.". "No? Rogue should not have been either, but she is still here. In fact, where is the girl? I still need to pay that little traitor back." Mystique paused for a second with an insane toothy grin, and then adding "That would be perfect...". Nightcrawler's ears were burning. "No! Please don't hurt Anne Marie! Please, I beg of you!" Mystique just laughed, shouting out "The girl will die! Marie, where are you!" She looked sinister, and Ororo did not approve. The two women went at it after that, Storm electrocuting Mystique, who did not give up and kicked and elbowed Ororo. Storm only stopped when Rogue grabbed her in the arm, sucking all of her energy. Rogue... It was Mystique, Ororo knew. But her brain power was waning, and so was her ability to fight. Ororo had never been on the receiving end of Rogues interesting ability to drain energy and power. Mystique returned, and laughed manically, kicking Storm in the side. Nightcrawler winced, and lay on the floor shaking. He didn't know what to do. Mystique then left, yelling out for Marie. Nightcrawler shouted after her, "Destroy me instead, please!" But then he knew what to do.

Mystique found an empty base, mostly because she was a good hider. Some interesting people were here... Black Widow, a sharp assassin. Emma Frost, evil turned good. A threat. Wolverine, someone she would have to kill. Interesting... Jean Grey... Attacking me!

Jean Grey blasted Mystique in the back, only doing this after finding Nightcrawler in her room spamming about Mystique in the base. Mystique didn't even know what hit her, since Jean Grey was so good at what she could do. She knew to put a petrification blast and confuse her in the head, which worked. Mystique fell and Jean Grey bent down, taking her communicator, which offered no information. Were these the only villains here...? Moonstone and Mystique? Who else?? But present screaming told her there were probably more.

Big Threats -

"I can't believe you think that would be funny!" Iceman shouted at Kitty Pryde. "Baby, don't worry about it! It is all fine! She will be fine! And why do you care so much?!" Shadowcat countered. Bobby Drake glared at her as they speed-walked through the halls, "You know she was my past girlfriend! In a weird X-Men way, of course. But we were great! Can't let Mystique find her... Can't let that happen." Kitty shook her head to herself, and grabbed his arm and yanked him to the nearest wall, and the two phased through the walls, until they arrived on the island. A battle was happening. Kitty screamed and pointed. Juggernaut was running right for them.

As Invisible Woman and Moonstone fought, Juggernaut chased Iceman and Shadowcat, them riding on a path of ice. They wouldn't be able to make it though, and Juggernaut bombarded their area with huge rocks. And one headed right for Iceman.

Nightcrawler fell on top of Iceman's back, and Bobby's body spazzed. He turned around and got an iced fist ready. But he saw a crushed Nightcrawler and an enormous boulder falling to the ground. He put the two things together, and realized Kurt just saved him. During all this, shouts of "Namor was my friend! You didn't have to do that. I will get rid of you!" and "Nice to see you again, creepy dude. Let's do this."

He recognized these as Sue vs Moonstone, and Iron Man vs Mandarin. Earlier, pounding on the base walls, as Mystique attacked Storm and Kurt, was identified only by Iron Man. He knew it was the Mandarin, and suited up, only saying "Oh boy. We have some extra company... Company that will really want to crash this party." And he flew away with that. He didn't explain, but now Iceman knew their base was really in trouble. Heroes turning against them and everyone's rivals attacking them.

Slamming against the infrastructure of the base, Stark could tell Mandarin had gotten stronger since last time. Much stronger. But something told him Mandarin was just the teaser. Along with Mystique and Juggernaut and Moonstone. And another ship arriving him was the something. The rest of their rivals were arriving.

Shadowcat screams, and yells into Bobby's ears to leave now. He panics, and listens to her. A not noble moment may cost Kitty, but the girl knows that he wants to help Rogue. So he leaves the island on his ice path. Shadowcat looks after him as he leaves, and spins around to find three boulders flying towards her.

Phased just in time, the rock shoots through her and lands right behind her. Wow, he has good aim. She books it towards the base, shooting past the trees, hoping to not knock into one when not phased. Juggernaut chases after her, a huge lumbering elephant, as Iron Man and other villains trade blaster shots.

Storm and Wolverine find her after she sends them an SOS message, and they help defeat Juggernaut, who is no match for all three of them.

"That bub sure is a kisser. But we handled him." Wolverine spits out. Storm nods "The big brute can't even keep up. Kitty, you really should handle this as well as in training." Kitty lowers her head, and Ororo walks off. Logan pats Kitty on the head, and walks off too. Kitty Pryde sits against the base walls, watching the sky on this lonely, deathly island.

"Of course this was going to happen... I should have known. More are here now. We have to leave." Scarlet Witch muttered these things to herself as more and more villains arrived. "By now, there must be fifteen or twenty villains here. Plus more DC people who call themselves great heroes. What can I do... What should I do..."

Wanda runs outside, attempting to sense where her brother is. But when she opens the door of the base, a woman is there. "Hello, Polaris. Very fortunato to see you here, I hope?" Wanda wonders. Polaris just stares at her, and grabs her throat and forces her back. Wanda struggles, but Polaris just forces her back with an energized wave. Scarlet Witch springs into action, sending hexes towards her, but Polaris trades them back and the two shoot spells back and forth, each dodging all. They do this for a while, until Wanda sends a combustion hex into the ground, spreading to Polaris. Polaris shouts, and attempts to destabilize it, sending it back to Wanda. But it is ineffective, and Wanda buffs her force up and is able to crush the walls on top of Polaris. Scarlet Witch levitates the destruction with Polaris in it, and dispels the lot of it, everything smashing into the water. Polaris will survive, sadly, Wanda knows. But Wanda has something else to do deal with now.

Seeing the destruction that just happened, Deathstroke and Harley Quinn and Madame Hydra and others run quickly inside. Deathstroke stabs Scarlet Witch in the side, who falls to the ground.

Except it was a decoy. When they all enter the base, they find six clones of the magic woman, getting everyone from their protected dorms to join the fight. "Yes, woman. Get them all. We have infiltrated your best base." Winter Soldier says after the silence. And the villains attack.

Harley Quinn, part mad woman, runs around the main atrium and kicks over chairs and shoots desks. Her and Joker are simply being weird, while others try and get information.

Tony Stark, who can handle one person very well, can get overwhelmed when two or more great rivals attack him. And even more overwhelmed when your base is being overrun. And Whiplash and Mandarin knew that. So they soon captured him.

Rescue Would be Helpful -

Landing on the island from Angel's information, Luke Cage and Pepper Potts see a battle, a large one. Right as they land, Luke Cage grabs the injured Two-Face by the neck and slams him onto the ground, and throws him up in the air, and Potts engages him as Rescue; three blasts into the air, and Two-Face no longer has a face. He falls to the ground, burnt up. Rescue looks a bit doubtful, but she will do what she must to help out here. She sees Ronin, swordsman, helping get Iron Man onto a ship, with Whiplash and Mandarin. Oh no... He has been beaten. She pats Cage on the arm and points to where she is going, and lifts off. He grunts his approval and goes to help fight.

Entering a dangerous zone, Rescue grabs Ronin by the arm and turns her around, and slams her in the face. Ronin is a pushover. But not today, with her double swords. After some brief fighting, screams make Potts turn around and see Shadowcat fighting Lady Deathstrike. Ooh... That will be interesting. And Wolverine is about to get ambushed by Sabretooth... What can I do?!

Slashed on her suit bring her back to reality, and the two women fight. It is easy, though, and Ronin falls, literally. Pepper grabs her by the arm and slams down on it, and uses her footjets to lift off, and brings Ronin with her, eventually slamming Ronin down onto the unforgiving ground. Pepper looks up to see the ship with Tony on it leaving. She curses to herself and follows it.

Grabbed by the throat, Wolverine cannot even say "bub" without dying. He just lets this happen, and thinks of what he can do. But he only has one second as someone with claws rips his arm backwards and is slowly killing him. Logan wrenches his head backward, and flips his foot into Sabretooth's chin, with a loud crack. Sabretooth growls and runs at Logan and grabs him by the stomach and throws him far, slamming him onto the grainy floor of the island. He gets up, rather shakily, and the two trade blows. Claws actually... Logan dodges a swipe, and comes up to claw Sabretooth's gut out, but looks up to find Sabretooth sizzling and his face drooping; right before he falls on his face, Logan steps back, and almost is smashed by the huge Sabretooth menace. Wolverine spots Cyclops in the distance, his hand on his visor after he just lasered Sabretooth in the back. Logan stomps forward, shouting that he could have taken him, yet Cyclops claims he just wanted to help. The two argue until screaming is evident, and the two see Shadowcat being drilled into the stomach by Lady Deathstrike.

Shadowcat dying, Jubilee comes and takes her away, as Wolverine, Storm, and Emma Frost fight Lady Deathstrike. Shooting energized fireworks in the air, Jubilee gets Luke Cage to take her and some of the other injured people away. But it is unanimous that most of them won't make it.

A mind-boggled Deathstrike, injured by Emma Frost, is taken by Colossus and slammed into the base steel walls three times. Wolverine grabs Colossus and jumps on him to make him stop, but he won't. Storm and Emma look on, knowing why he is so angry. Finally Colossus stops and throws Logan away from him. Emma touches him on the shoulder, giving him a knowing and sympathetic smile. Colossus had liked Kitty. And Colossus runs as fast as he can and joins Jubilee and the dying Shadowcat, and the plane lifts off to supposed safety.

But Moonstone flies into it with her fatal energy powered body, slamming into it and destroying it. Everyone dies, with the minorly injured Gambit too.


So far, 18 have perished... Plus at least four extra people not counted. And many more will die in this whole game. A deeper story will be revealed soon, so watch out for clues.

Death Toll Increases -

Experimenting on Iron Man was hard work. The suit just wouldn't come off, Whiplash realized.

After five minutes, Whiplash was dead. Rescue had rescued Iron Man. Just like usual. They kiss. Iron Man knows he has to go help the base and everyone. Pepper accepts it.

"Ohhhh, but I want to shoot him! I want to!!" Harley Quinn toys around, and Joker keeps shaking his head. "No, darling. I get to. We don't even know this guy, and I wouldn't want you to be chased down if you kill him. Let me do the honors, sweety pie." Joker smiles his evil smile. Harley crosses her arms and walks out like an angry ten-year old. Joker laughs, and gets his gun ready to shoot the sleeping Havok. Havok knows this, though.

"Apologies, but we are attempting to get information from this base. Your compliance would be helpful." Ultron screeched in its robotic voice. "Ahhh shut up you big brute of a thing." Harley Quinn shot out. Ultron turned around and got slapped by Quinn. "AAHHHH that hurt my hand you big old machine man." And she trotted away and giggled insanely. Ultron seemed confused, so Joker shot Ultron with his machine gun. Now he wouldn't be confused.

Havok awoke with a shock, and sent plasma waves at Joker, smashing him through the walls. But Harley Quinn was there too, and grabbed him by the cheek and kissed him right there, getting her gun and shooting him everywhere. He screamed out in pain, and put his hand to her face and sent plasma shocks throughout her brain. She tumbled down, madly laughing, which prompted Joker to giggle crazily. Havok couldn't help but laugh, and then felt the pain from the bullets and died. Joker got up and pointed and laughed, and the two evil people laughed like mad until Harley died from brain wounds by Havok. Joker was confused. That was quick. Ultron was being weird, so we shot him. Then Havok got all mad, so we killed him. And now Harley just spazzed out. Joker is so confused. And Joker shot himself because he was confused.

Cyclops barged into the room, finding his dead brother. He fought back the tears, and he took his brother in his arms and took the body outside of the room and into the protected base. Fighting had calmed down for now, at least in this area. He mourned for a few moments and then went back to planning what could happen next and how to survive.

The next morning, Elektra walks into the base to find Hawkeye and Psylocke talking. Elektra stares at both of them, wondering what she was walking into. The three of them made small talk. "They are done. The villains have left. We have won." Psylocke and Hawkeye looked at each other, wondering if what Elektra said was true. The two of them got up to look outside, and Hawkeye felt a knife in his back.

Spinning around, already with an arrow ready, both of them found a sai in their stomach, though not in yet. A look of death had come over Elektra, and Psylocke took her hand and wrenched it back, sending pain through Elektra, who spun jumped and kicked her in the face. Psylocke stumbled backwards, and Hawkeye sent arrows in Elektra's direction, who spun around them and jumped to avoid. Elektra was a trained assassin. She couldn't be taken down by arrows. Psylocke knew that, and sent psychic bolts into Elektra's brain, who brushed them off easily; until one hit her in the arm and made her whole body spaz out. Psylocke grinned and rushed forward, jumping up and bringing a psychic blade into Elektra's chest. "Elektra", as both could realize now, was not really herself. And Elektra finally came to the conclusion, and underwent some sort of change.

And a cool rush from the base doors told them someone had entered. Huntress of DC and Thor came in, holding up Enchantress. Valkyrie followed close behind. "This woman corrupted Elektra. I gather you figured this before it was too late." Thor inquired. "Yes, we have gotten it figured out. Elektra will be all fine." Psylocke answered. She and Hawkeye helped her up, and left the rest of them. Valkyrie came close to Enchantress, and nodded to her two allies. "Hey, you know what happens next. Well, its a bit of payback time I suppose. This is for Sif. And Thor. And me. And everyone else." With that, Valkyrie stabbed right through Enchantress with her legendary spear and smashed her on the ground a few times for good measure. "Oh, if only this was Loki. That would be something if he could die that quickly." Valkyrie added. Thor nodded grimly. "Alright, well now she is done. We are in debt for your help, the woman named Huntress. How must we repay you?" He asked. Huntress just shook her head. "Not needed, we have been having the same problem. In fact, though, if you could... Both of our sides would benefit from this... We can..."

As she talked, Thor eyed her strongly. She would be good help, her and her helpful friends. "Yes, that would be a marvelous idea." Thor got out of his trance, eying Valkyrie. "What did you say?" He asked. "Thor, pay attention. Huntress wants us to ally so we can get rid of all of our rivals. What a perfect idea, don't you think?" Valkyrie sent the words flying. Her and Huntress were happy with this deal, and Thor accepted too.


Huntress reports their latest dead from Deathstroke, only Green Arrow so far; but Scarecrow attacked Cyborg and disintegrated his wiring with his poisonous gases... And Batwoman and others had been attacked by Poison Ivy and Lex Luthor. But they did say that they got rid of Sandman during the fights.

So Huntress, teaming up with Black Canary and Hawkeye, went to fight the Swordsman and Deathstroke. Two strong villains and partners. When this was happening, everyone else would take a rest except for Captain America, Black Widow, and Emma Frost... Who would lure Madame Hydra and Winter Soldier into the controls room.

Underground was where they would be able to find Swordsman and Deathstroke. The team of three descended through the base corridors, going deeper into the base... Where years of energy from training has possibly turned radioactive. Huntress whips out her scanner, and finds disruptive energy lingering. "Guys, this area isn't safe." Clint Barton nods, "Yes. We used to train down here. And then weird things started happening. Weird little disruptions and stuff. We just brushed it off, moving higher up." Black Canary shook her head, reserving her judgements.

Reaching the bottom, the dark musty air was evident. And so were the rusted and mildewed training zones. Huntress almost gagged. "Well, you made it huh... Who would have thought we would know your base better than you...?!

"Deathstroke! What do you know that we don't know?!" Black Canary shouted. Swordsman came out of the shadows and laughed. "Well, for one.. We know how to keep care of our hosts better than you, obviously."

A dark figure arrived from the shadows. Clint gasped, and looked at Black Canary and Huntress. "He was dead... He couldn't come back from whatever happened to him, I thought..."

But before he had time to wonder and explain what he knew, Black Canary was wrenched forward and stabbed in the chest by Deathstroke and he pushed her over. She was dead. Huntress growled and flip-kicked over to him, who strafed out of the way. He was unbeatable. Hawkeye could only shoot arrows, and did so. He didn't know what to do. He looked at his communicator and attempted to get a signal from all down there. But before he could broaden the signal, Swordsman grabbed him by the hair and forced him down, taking the communicator and smashing it. Clint grimaced, but flipped himself backward and launched across from Swordsman and punched him in the face with the back of his hand. Swordsman didn't feel a thing though. His helmet was too strong. So he grabbed Clint's arm and forced it back; and by that time, Deathstroke had Huntress at knife-point. He could stab her in the stomach right then if he wanted to. Hawkeye looked straight at her, and they attempted to talk in code word. But to no use. They were stuck down here... With two killers and their dark host. The dark host of this base.

While Black Widow and Emma Frost dueled Viper, Cap sparred with Winter Soldier, his long rival. But time had made Soldier weaker, and Cap was only getting stronger as time progressed. Winter Soldier tried to blast his brains out, but Cap just shielded and bashed him with the shield, disorienting Soldiers focus. And then he spun the finely sharp shield, ripping Soldiers skin and beating him. Cap was done soon.

Emma shot psychic bolts at Viper, who was good with cover. Black Widow went for a more direct route, a flying kick doing the trick. Viper was kicked in the stomach, and Widow ducked right around her and delivered a punch to her right in the back. Viper spazzed, and Emma went diamond form, and sparred with Viper, smashing her in the vital areas. Viper groaned and fell over. Emma turned back to regular form smiling at Widow; she took Viper by the head and inflicted mental trauma into her mind, making her temporarily insane and weakened. Emma laughed as Madame Hydra thrashed about by this cold deed. Widow grimaced, and got her gun and shot Viper. "You know, that was all we had to do." Frost turned to her. "Yes, true. But it was my choice at the time. I hope you make the right choice when it is your turn." Giving a rebellious glare, she then turned off and walked away. Natasha wondered whether she should just shoot the woman, knowing she would be difficult later on when the villains pop out even more. But she just let her go over to Cap and say how easy of a job it was. Natasha joined them, and gave an informative look to Cap. Cap knew, and just smiled and nodded. Emma looked confused, but she could read minds... Of course she wasn't. And she just made a look of finality and left the control room, embracing Scott Summers when she found him.

The Departed:

"Wait, girl. You can't just leave." Logan shouted after X-23. "Yes, I actually can. And I will. Steven just doesn't want me here. He could handle Booster, I couldn't. I just got Batwoman. And she was a pushover. I just slashed her across the chest, and she cried about her ripped suit. And Kitty is gone and all of my friends are gone, it isn't fair." Wolverine shook his head. "Girl, if you act like that you don't deserve to be here."

And Cyborg killed her. He soon attacked her and shot her with his plasma barrage. Wolverine saw this and felt like a failure. The messed up girl was just lost. He was lost at one point. Quite lost, but he found the X-Men. This was the problem with this war going on. Too many good people were dying. And he killed Cyborg. The robot man used his plasma cannons, his jet gauntlets... And his built in rockets... But nothing could hold back the killer Wolverine. For the robot man, Logan didn't care if he was good or not. That man killed people. So Logan killed him.

Robin, Elektra and Psylocke came just in time to find Huntress getting beaten and Hawkeye already beaten and out on the floor. Robin ran to him, and the girls set to fight Swordsman and save Huntress. Robin picked Hawkeye up and delivered him to an officer a few stairs up, and he ran off with injured Clint. Robin jumped back down and fought Deathstroke, a big threat. Three against two. This would be easy. But not really...

"Okay, I think we have had enough here. We have killed many, and they have killed many of ours. Dr. Doom, Magneto, Bane and Circe meet and talk about their next plans. "Our work is done, we have brought about the death of many of these people." Circe explains as she watches some of their last strikers perish. Poison Ivy finally dies, and Sabretooth and others have already perished earlier. "Look, we have only the ones underground, the "secret" ones.... Who seem to have been found. And Bullseye has been stabbed to death by Elektra with the help of Daredevil. It is time for us to leave." The other villains nodded their approval, and they left... Not caring about telling Sinestro to leave Green Lantern and come with them... And not worrying about Deathstroke, Swordsman and the dark host of the Marvel base... Their last ticket to destroying their rivals. He would be their final strike. And meanwhile, the four of them would plan their next big move.

Hawkeye and Huntress were sent off from their injuries, hopefully reaching the city instead of getting attacked. The two seemed very close, and it was good to watch the teams be so successful together. Swordsman was beaten. Deathstroke had fled into the shadows, but Robin and the two girls didn't care.

Reuniting with the whole Marvel group, the teams muddled and saw who was left standing. Cyclops, Wolverine, Emma Frost, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Thor, Spider-Man, Invisible Woman, Elektra, Daredevil, Human Torch, a dying Iron Fist (who they later sent off), Valkyrie, Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Deadpool, Dr. Strange, Storm, and Psylocke.

The DC group did the same, finding their group to be Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Robin, Nightwing, Flash and Zatanna. The two groups reunited, all shaking hands.

But Spider-Man knew something wasn't right. Scarlet Witch had came to him and informed him of the terror under the base. The villains were planning more than just attacks on the base. They had planned this for a while. She told him of the mistake he made getting rid of one person. Just one. Peter had asked her what he could do. "Well, I see a few possibilities here. Kill him now, and he will stay here forever.... Or go back in time and get rid of him then." Parker shook his head fiercely. "No! I am not going to mess with that. No." And he walked away. "We will just get rid of him here. I'm sure he can't have gotten that powerful." But Scarlet Witch doubted his optimism.

Race through Time -

"This is impossible! You told us he died, Peter Parker! You told us he perished and you saw it! And he has, in fact, been here the whole time, just biding his time! How can you just brush this off and nonchalantly inform us?! This is insane! We will die here! He has lived in these walls and dark corridors... There is no way we can get to him...!" Emma Frost shouted at Spider-Man, who had just told the group of 28 that Venom was very much alive.

"Do you understand?! There is no way we can best him when he has not only the element of surprise... but of invigoration. He will really want to kill us now that chaos is taking over...!" Storm nervously chatted with herself.

"He is ready to come out of the shadows... And yet I'm sure he won't... Oh, yes. The monster will bide his time and weed us out one by one, slowly killing each of us. And we won't ever catch him..." Johnny Storm lifted up his hands and pretended he was a ghost. Everyone glared at him. He sunk his head.

"Guys, it will be fine. Let's calm down and just figure this out. All we need is a strike team to go down there and find the darn thing. He is just a monster thing anyway, lets go!" Pumped up Peter Parker said with a bright smile and big conviction. But no one else shared this with him at the moment.

"Now, all we need to do is have a sacrifice. I say this with no sadness because it could be quite easy. Stephen Strange and I can get rid of someone like Zatanna quick. Her magic is of no importance, Dr. Strange and I are much better. And I can see a good scenario where this could work.." Scarlet Witch spoke to Strange and Spider-Man. They were planning their descent to the past.

And at the same time, Valkyrie and Human Torch and Flash and Ms. Marvel and Robin were planning on descending the long stairs to find the monster Venom. As they did, it got darker and darker. Of course, Human Torch thought. It gets dark, and then you see ghosts. Yeah.

And then Carol Danvers got stabbed. Valkyrie cried out, stabbing the shadows with her spear. She caught Ms Marvel as she collapsed, and cried out to the boys to get help. They ran, and Robin was grabbed in the corridor and slammed into the wall. When Johnny Storm and Flash caught up, Deathstroke had Robin in a stranglehold. "He will die, trust me. Now bring me up to your base, and no one dies." He offered, muttering "Yet" after that. And Flash heard, sprinting up behind Deathstroke in one second, and punching him in the back and slamming his head into the stone wall. Human Torch sprayed flames on the ground and pushed them towards Deathstroke, who was soon engulfed in flames. Robin flipped backwards and slashed Deathstroke in the leg with his sharp throwing tools. But Deathstroke walked through the flame and grabbed Flash by the arm with incredible accuracy and threw him straight at the other two boys. They toppled like pinballs, and Deathstroke killed Flash with his sword and then did the same to someone else that wasn't Robin... Or Human Torch. Deathstroke then identified him as Nightwing. And swatted at the smoke. He kicked Nightwing over and walked back down the hall. He saw Valkyrie and Robin running away. He sighed, and examined the area with dead Nightwing, and found a body near him. And the body reacted, flaming his face. Finally, the darkness faded and Human Torch battled Deathstroke. He took Nightwing and ran, putting Nightwing somewhere safe. And then turned around to find a sharp knife flying towards him. It lodged itself in his stomach, and Deathstroke was there, slamming him to the floor. Johnny Storm died.

And during all this, Zatanna was brought to Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch by Dr. Strange. "Well, she went almost willingly. Just a bit of explaining the rules and bending her mind. Worked out just fine." Stephen proclaimed. Wanda glared at him, but took the body and worked her magic. "Oh, this shall be easy. Basically, we take her soul for purposes of our experiment.. We are going back in time, experiencing life through her. Except, we are not. We are delving from her path, obviously, and doing what we need to do. We will not be bothered, though, so do not worry about that. All we need to do is go back to a suitable time and be done by the time Zatanna dies. Which is right now." Peter Parker listened with jaw dropped. "We really are going back in time?! Wow, that is so cool! How can you do that?!" He gasped. Scarlet Witch just let her gaze fall onto Zatanna. "I do it all the time. And to the future, too." Spider-Man just laughed, going along with it. He just thought to himself, today is getting weirder and weirder...

"Anyway, I have to tell someone. He died, he really did. He was destroyed. It wasn't too long ago." Scarlet Witch nodded at Spider-Man's sudden comments. She turned attention to him, and smiled and said "You probably just didn't think about it. You just saw him and saw he died. Sometimes we aren't that lucky just to have them die. I have had that problem a couple times with enemies." She finished this sentence and put forth a small laugh under her breath. Peter nodded. "You have to follow up... Will we ever see him again? Is there any way he can come back?" She continued. But then she looked shocked. Something was happening. Peter looked up and asked her what was wrong. "Death" was all she answered.


"I told you guys, we would handle it!" Peter Parker yelled as he found most of the group of heroes in the main area of the base. Emma Frost stood up, shaking her head. "Excuse me. I think you heard us wrong. That is it, we are done with you. If you can't handle killing him right the first time, let us do it and get out." With that, she turned and walked back to her seat.

"Excuse me, but you didn't hear us right either. I am the actual telepathic woman here, so I guess we understand you but you don't understand us." Scarlet Witch added as she walked into the room too. "We are going to fix this, and if you get in our way we will stop you, I assure you." Emma looked back at the two. Shock and disbelief of this situation was taking control of her. "No, no, no no. This kid has had his chance. It is time to let the real fighters take control of this. What he did is done. He failed, and he can try again later. But not this time, we are going to settle this; so you can just sit back and watch."

By this time, Cyclops had gotten up and walked over to Spider-Man and put his arm around his shoulder. "Kid, I don't think the team down there is going to win this. Do what you need to do, and give me any things you need us to do." He purposefully gave a look to Wanda, and her and Peter left.

As Wanda and Peter got back to their work room, Dr. Strange was on the ground face down. Peter ran over and turned him over, and found his insides penetrated. Peter freaked and let go of him, feeling disgusting. Wanda bit her lip. "Well, we can't stop. Call someone over and tell them to be alert." Wanda told Peter. He nodded and went.

Valkyrie was dead. Robin was in the corner, alone. Deathstroke was at large down in the depths of the dark dungeons of the base. Robin was alone.

Finding the correct combinations of probability, Scarlet Witch was eventually able to project the soul as a restore point of earlier times. Though, the restore point exactly was a probability too... They could go back any time, as far back as they could find Venom... But Wanda made it possible that the team could edit the exact point a few times. Which would be helpful.

Just as Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man were ready to leave, intense banging on their door alerted them. Spider-Man cautiously opened the door, and found a group of people outside. Psylocke, Daredevil, Sue Storm, Black Widow and Deadpool were outside. They all furiously talked at once, Peter getting muddled. They finally calmed down and Black Widow put her hands to the other peoples mouths. "Basically, we are going with you. We got 'permission', sort of. So is that alright?" Scarlet Witch got up and spread her hands out. "Not all of these people, of course not. Stay here and be ready for an attack by the monsters." With that, she went back to finalizing the departure plans. Black Widow nodded and left. The other four looked hopefully over at her. "Yes, alright... That will do."

Getting ready to leave, the group of six huddled and Scarlet Witch hexed the air to produce a feeling of lightness, to help with the departure. But then they heard shouts and banging through the halls. Someone didn't want them to leave. Robin was found, apparently, but everyone else was dead. Scarlet Witch held her head, letting this insane chaos get to her. Sue grabbed her arms, "Wanda, keep going. Don't let this affect us. We have to go!" Wanda knew that, and she realized their trip would be quite soon.

"We are coming with you too! The more people in this mission, the better. Official orders." Black Widow shouted as she barged in. And Batman and Green Lantern followed. "Yes, we have some business to take care of also."

And Scarlet Witch could not complain or shoo them out, for the departure was beginning. And Elektra barged in, too, and jumped for Daredevil. "I am not leaving without you. Those kids can deal with Deathstroke. I am going with you."

And they went back in time. To a time of morals and of silence. To a time of earthly chaos. To a time when the supernatural was just a myth.

The Flight:

Arriving with a burst of energy into a dark city, but a roaring city. Lights flashed brightly and police roamed the rainy, lit up streets. A dark journey into brightness, but a fake brightness at that. Peter Parker felt a rush of nostalgia. They were in 1930s, Depression-era, New York.

And Venom was here?! But Scarlet Witch could tell that Peter was feeling confident about this place. This must have been a way-back version of Venom. So they walked the streets, not knowing exactly what to do. Soon they split up, wanting to cover more ground.

Spider-Man, Deadpool and Scarlet Witch, and Invisible Woman take east side of the city. Elektra and Daredevil go for the west. Black Widow and Psylocke take the south side, and Batman and Green Lantern travel north.

Natasha Romanoff revels at the 1930s city. Collapsed from the 1929 crash, the city takes no hit. In fact, it looks amazing. It is amazing to think that no one was here. In fact, no one was. A mostly empty city except for dodgy police and bars with a few people in them. The city had lost its bang since the 1920s prosperity.

Up on the rooftops, Psylocke felt free. As Black Widow did her thing, Psylocke just sat there. What a beautiful city. Here we would have to find Venom and get rid of him. Before he can survive the rest of time.

"This was just a fight in the beginning. A big fight that got messed up, you see?! And we go back here;Our past backstory has become our present. We are going off into somewhere we have no idea where. This could end up bad if we do not complete this wisely... " Scarlet Witch was out of it, speaking to no one but herself.

Arriving into the sewers, Spider-Man was on the scent of the disgusting monster called Venom. And they found him, laughing his symbiote off. "Here you are, we are here to destroy you once and for all Venom."

But he continued to laugh. "Spidersh**, did you really think we didn't know that this would happen? That you and a team would find me? You see, those 'villains' are in touch with their past." And he laughed more. What was this... Was this a whole ruse?

But Scarlet Witch seemed confused too. "Now, that you are here... Come get me."

They fought him, and he was no threat. They killed him easily... Spiderwebs to wrap him up, probability for a train to hit him. Deadpool just laughed and watched. Invisible Woman was concerned. But they had finished their job.

Ring, Ring Ring... Invisible Woman took her communicator and found a message from Psylocke. "Hey whats going on? We just got rid of Venom." Psylocke's voice was rushed. "Yes, that is all fine and well. But we are going to need you here, right now!" The city was turning alive.


Meanwhile, Deathstroke had fallen after battling Thor to a standstill. The two were evenly matched, strange enough. He allowed a single chance for everyone to kill him, and Thor took the chance. And his mighty hammer was just as strong as Deathstrokes double swords. Clangs were all anyone listening in from higher up in the base could hear. But finally, Thor's strength prevailed. Smashing Deathstroke's double-sword barrier into pieces, Deathstroke fell and Thor slammed justice upon him.

Cyclops, Captain America, Emma Frost, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Superman, Wonder Woman, Storm, Wolverine, and Robin ran down the stairs to congratulate him. But a changed Thor they found. Storm bit her lip and she went to comfort the sunken Thor behind the shadows. But when she went to lift his chin, it really was a changed Thor!

Symbiote Thor.

A madman came at them, obviously inflicted by Venom, a dying Venom. Robin was grabbed first and the others ran, not noticing. Venom bit Robin and let the darkness symbiotic stuff infect him. He died.

The 9 hastened up the stairs, until Cyclops stopped them. "Hey, why are we running team?! We can defeat this measly monster!" Superman looked back. "First of all, he is your monster. We do not have to deal with him. And second of all? Thor and Venom put together. We are not stupid." With that, everyone continued on. But Cyclops stayed behind. He would fight.

Optic blasts Symbiote Thor dodged... Karate kicks that meant nothing. Psychic bolts by a frightened Emma Frost did nothing. Scott soon fell. And Emma sprang into action.

Diamond form offered Emma great strength. Slamming him against the wall and taking his head, she banged his head against her knee and kicked him in the stomach. He was no match for her. Until he grabbed her by the neck and threw her down the stairs. He met her as she got up, smashing her diamond skin and breaking it. She shattered and was weakened. Cracking her neck, Emma Frost was finished. And Thor was breathing his last breaths. Too bad the symbiote skin doesn't make you all-powerful and immune to everything.

What Shouldn't Happen, Probably Will;

Sitting at the top of the base, Captain America, Iron Man, Storm, Wolverine, and Jean Grey gathered with Superman and Wonder Woman. Awkward silence filled the air; "So, what a shame so many of your people have died." Wonder Woman pointed out, sarcastically.

And Thor attacked them. But soon, the team of seven brought him down. He was tired. Superman wiped some sweat off of his face. "Look, this isn't what we planned on doing here. Yeah, it is almost done I am sure. But this was a complete detour for us." Captain America got in his face. "Okay, well then you can get out."

And a fight broke out.

Back in an earlier time, a slightly out-of-place Psylocke sent psy-arrows that hit the gang members, fake ones at that, but it didn't pierce them. Betsy sighed, seeing this as a lost cause. Until her friends came and helped. Sue Storm picked up, with levitation, several at a time and threw them against buildings. But they would just come back. This was insane.

Green Lantern was the first to go. His green energy blasts and shields when necessary did not work. He was shot and he fell far. They attacked his body, and the others could not do anything.

Elektra stabbed and stabbed, her sai getting more and more stained with blood, or some type of blood. But the gang clones would not stop. Soon, she was stabbed in the back and could not finish. She collapsed too and was overwhelmed.

Finally, the team of Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Deadpool, Psylocke, Daredevil, Invisible Woman, and Batman were protected in a magic shield from Scarlet Witch, layered by Invisible Woman and kept safe by Psylocke's mental disruption field. And they teleported home, with help by Wanda and Deadpool.

Next time warp... They were not home. This was not home. In fact, a distorted version of home.

Meanwhile, Storm and Jean Grey battled Wonder Woman while the guys battled Superman. Wolverine clawed and clawed. Iron Man blasted. Jean Grey and Wonder Woman battled to a standstill. "Give up yet, lady?" Jean shouted. Wonder Woman shook her head and flew over, punching her in the face. Storm sent a whirlwind over at her which Wonder Woman flew into, disarranging it and sending it at Wolverine who was knocked into a wall. Superman flew over and punched him in the gut, slamming him down. Cap jumped over and slammed his shield upon Superman's head, which affected him like a dog jumping on a six-foot human. Almost no effect.

So Superman flipped backwards and knocked Cap back. He then slammed Wolverine in the stomach and chest a million times, with his speedy punches. And then, as Iron Man flew over, Superman took Wolverine and threw him into Tony, who blasted out just as Logan was thrown. Logan was toasted.

Mental blasts didn't confuse Wonder Woman one bit. So Jean Grey was soon overwhelmed by Wonder Woman's high and strong kicks, with Storm attempting to distract her with silly weather attacks. Jean Grey was knocked unconscious, and Storm threw lightning bolts at the dark haired amazoness, who dodged and managed to manipulate Storm into electrocuting Jean Grey. Jean was toasted.

Eventually, Cap slammed Superman and Iron Man knocked into him, and the two disoriented Superman enough to grab him by the arms and slam him into submission. The same with Storm, who sent wind gusts at the amazoness, knocking her into a machine and electrocuting her. Storm gusted her into a wall and flew into her with a wall of rain with her.

"These people are of no use to us. They are just big people with big powers. Let's get rid of them." Iron Man insisted. Storm just glared at him and looked at Cap. They knew they should keep them for now. They were down and out. They would pose no threat, and could actually be helpful to investigate on.

The sky turning blue. The lightning striking. The team of three, the survivors of their base and possibly of the last superheroes (of any time period), looked up and found their base ceiling getting ripped off. The team going back to find Venom must have partially failed. Something was going wrong. The earth was losing reality and changing right in front of them.