Vital statistics
Universe Earth-81648
Base of Operations Nether
Body Type Humanoid
Eyes Yellow
Hair None
Skin Pale red-grey
Number of Limbs 4
Special Adaptations Extreme physical condition
Notable Individuals
Home Planet Katrus XVI
Origin A race that evolved to become the perfect warriors, and began cloning to halt their evolution.
Created by PhotonCommander10
 'The 'Katoran are a militaristic clone-based race from the planet Katrus XVI.


Katoran Hound81648

Katoran "Hounds" are savage beasts created from Katoran DNA that act as disposable weapons.


The Katoran evolved from the Shak'ri millions of years ago. They became technologically advanced, as well as near-perfect beings. Even the weakest of Katoran had outstanding fighting skill, as evolution had made their bodies much more powerful to survive the harsh terrain of their world. Using their advanced technology, they began cloning, a way of halting evolution to remain the near-perfect soldiers they were. However, they bred three different "species" of Katoran, the Soldiers, the strongest and most strategic fighters, the Hounds, the savage mentally disabled Katoran, and the Alphas, the intellectually superior ones.

Katoran Battle Fleet

The race became increasingly more militaristic, and a battle fleet was established. They began invading worlds, building an empire to rule over. Over thousands of years, the empire expanded across the Andromeda Galaxy. The seventh Battle Squadron travelled to the Milky Way to find planets with intelligent life to conquer. They discovered Earth, in the Sol System, and the human race in its early years of life. They left the planet, to return in the future once the race had become intelligent and conquerable.

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