Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Avengers
Base of Operations Avenger Base
Relatives None
Age 37
Alignment Good
Marital Status None
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 10'2
Weight 12 tonnes
Eyes Bright green
Hair Bald
Skin Green
Unusual Features Super strength and Durability
Origin Former American Scientist, mutated by gamma blast
Universe Earth- 15467
Place of Birth Daton, Ohio
Created by Original character: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

Earth:15467- Giantgnat


John Wight was born in poverty. Prey to a drunk father and a mother who died before his memory, he lived a tough life. However he was a brilliant student and studied on scholarship.

He finally found himself in a career of a scientist. Discovering a so called way to empower and evolve mankind, he experimented on himself, shooting himself with gamma rays.

However, due to a miscalculation, he turned into the massive giant named by the media as the Hulk.

Gaining Control

As Hulk, White briefly lost control of himself, lost in his own own mind in which he was bullied by his dominating and drunk father.


Angry Hulk

During this time, Hulk wrecked the lab, prompting the army to step in. General Roberts attacked him with his army, causing the Hulk to rampage.

Meanwhile, with in his mind, White battled his oppressive father, finally defeating him. Simultaneously, he gained control over Hulk, convincing the newly involved SHIELD to step in and take him captive, much to Roberts' chagrin.

Tony Stark and Nick Fury, the founders of SHIELD, had him imprisoned in a high security prison for the time.

The Doctor Octopus

When criminal mastermind Doc Ock hacked into the SHIELD prison in order to free all prisoners and divert SHIELD from his planned attack on the Helicarrier.

Along with other prisoners, White too was freed. He was about to escape, when he saw a female guard almost overwhelmed by prisoners. On impulse, Hulk rescued her. He then helped restore order to the prison. By the time the reinforcements came, order was restored.

Meanwhile, Doc Ock had infiltrated a weakened Helicarrier

Hulk and the prisoners

, and managed to take control over it by killing Nick Fury. Hulk was instrumental in taking back the base using his brute strength and genius intellect. He also clashed with the Doc's refined Octobots while the Captain and Spiderman took on Doctor Octopus.

After this episode, he was offered a spot on the team, the Avengers. He gladly accepted, seeing it as a way to redeem himself of his past blind violence.


As Hulk, John White is incredibly strong and resilient, and is self healing as well. He has super senses and is also a genius. Though like his Earth 616 counterpart, his strength increases with anger, he tries hard to stay calm and collected. Unlike his counterpart, he is stuck in Hulk form.

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