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Chameleon's real name is J. Jonah Jameson. He was a supervillain faced by both old and new Spideys. He is no longer a villain.

Before Chameleon

Before becoming Chameleon, J. Jonah Jameson was Spiderman's worst critic, who labeled him a menace because he held a grudge against masked men and vigilantes, thanks to the death of his first wife many years ago. So he slandered Spiderman, but eventually came to respect him and the two became great allies.


Getting older, Jameson sold his business to Ethan Drax, deciding to spend his last years in luxury. However, he was kidnapped by the The Tinkerer in a plan to stop the new Spiderman. He brainwashed Jameson into becoming a new Chameleon. Jonah, an unwitting pawn, had little recollection of this. He was freed by Spidey and brought to a mental institution, where he slowly recovered. When The Jackal returned, he was once again brainwashed into joining the Superior Six to eliminate Spidey. He was saved by Jackie Grey's mental attack in the second fight, and was brought back to the mental institute. He is visited often by Danny Jackson.


When Mac Gargan attempted his final attack against Jameson, he found him at the health institute. Spidey managed to defeat him, but in the excitement, he died of a heart attack.

Powers and Abilities

Powerless Expert Master of Disguise (as Chameleon)

Skilled hand-to-hand combat (as Chameleon)

Millionaire Status

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