Vital statistics
Aliases God
Affiliation All Residents of The Beyonder's Multiverse
Base of Operations The Beyonder's Star
Relatives Unknown
Age 21 (Immortal)
Alignment Neutral
Marital Status In Several Relationships
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features Unknown
Origin Unknown
Universe Undesignated Earth, now resides in The Beyonder's Multiverse
Place of Birth New York City
Created by Artemis Panther
Quote1 Why? Because I felt like it. Life in my dimension just got so boring. So I thought I'd turn the tables on everyone and make my own. Best idea I've ever had. Quote2


Home Dimension

Beyonder's home dimension was almost an exact copy of Earth-616. The Beyonder was originally a human named John Blake, but he was born with the x-gene, and he was also an Inhuman. The two combined turned John into a being more powerful than a god. He used his new abilities to remove himself from reality in order to discover what he was capable of. He decided to return and become his Earth's God, calling himself the Beyonder. The first one to discover his existence was the one known as Madame Web.

Meeting with Madame Web

Soon becoming alert of his discovery, he removed Madame Web from the plane of existence and brought her over into his netherrealm humans called "Heaven". He asked how she knew of his existence, and she replied saying she knows all. He laughed at her comment, and then unexpectedly hit on her. She immediately rejected him, saying he was way too young. He laughed once more and said that he no longer wanted his existence to be a secret. He enjoyed the thrill of interacting with another living being, but Madame Web feared his new excitement. Before she could say anything, he sent her back to where she was and he began making a plan.

Fascination with Spider-Man

Beyonder teleported himself into New York City, the place he remembered he was born in. He arrived in the middle of a fight between the hero Spider-Man and his enemy, the Green Goblin. Beyonder wanted to begin his practical jokes right away, so he gave Green Goblin a large mech suit which caused him to immediately gain the upper hand. Spider-Man was surprised and angry, so Beyonder gave him very large pincers on his back to even the odds. After watching them fight for some time, he got bored so he turned them back to normal and put Goblin in a cage. He teleported Spider-Man to the roof in order to talk. After exchanging pleasantries, Beyonder made Spider-Man tell his entire life's story without even realizing it. Instantly regretting his decision, he requested Beyonder accompany him to Avengers Mansion.

The Avengers

Beyonder happily went with Spider-Man, eager to meet new people. The Avengers present at the time, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Red Hulk, and Wolverine, were extremely fascinated with the Beyonder's abilities and story. He delved into their minds, learning everything about them, and began thinking up new ways to mess with them. He soon executed his many plans and enjoyed watching the Avengers struggle with these new challenges, but he eventually gave them a way to succeed and eventually the Avengers got mad at him, which offended him. So the Beyonder left, leaving them to fathom what he truly was.

Becoming Bored

Remaining offended for years, Beyonder stayed behind the scenes and watched the adventures of the various heroes and villains including the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Thunderbolts, and even the Sinister Six. He would make himself known vaguely by each group, trying not to anger them in hopes they wouldn't get mad at him. He would interfere at important times to make the odds favor his favorite teams. He mostly enjoyed watching the Fantastic Four, mostly because of the interactions between each other, but eventually Beyonder grew tired of the same old thing. He tried to mix things up by creating the Secret Wars, but that only caused the heroes to resent and hate him, so he punished them by opening several portals to the Negative Zone across the planet. As he watched them struggle, he was not amused and he decided it was time for a change.

Creating his Own Multiverse

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