Ares 5
Vital statistics
Aliases War God, A-Rod, James Aaron
Affiliation Avengers
Base of Operations Avengers Mansion
Relatives Unknown son (as John Aaron), various gods (as Ares)
Age 49
Alignment Good
Marital Status Unknown, presumably single
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features None
Origin Greek god of war who joined the Avengers after rediscovering his memories.
Universe Earth-5
Place of Birth Mount Olympus
Created by Next X-Man
Quote1 I am Ares, god of war. I am John Aaron, construction worker. I possess the memories of both, but who am I really? Time will tell, but for now, I will serve as both. Quote2

Ares is a god (of war) and member of the Avengers.


Ares, the Greek god of war, had very humble beginnings. He was born to Zeus and Hera on Mount Olympus. His rowdy behavior in childhood would soon earn him the moniker of "War," which would also help in his becoming the God of War as an adult. When humanity worshipped the Greek gods, Ares was happy. But soon, humanity chose some different deities to believe in, and the humans lost favor with the gods. Ares would do Zeus' dirty work from this point on.

Eventually, around the year 1750, Ares was given his biggest task ever: he was to massacre the alien race known as the Skrull, as a test to his strength. Zeus was concerned that Ares was getting soft, and since he had deemed the Skrulls worthless, he chose them as the subject of the test. Ares fought valiently, but after killing all but 100, he collapsed and gave in, as he didn't have the emotional capacity to finish them off. Returning to Zeus, a failure, he was mocked for weeks as a failure, before Zeus stripped him of his powers and memories, and sent him to Earth as a seemingly normal human.

His life was then created around that of the seemingly deceased construction worker and single dad, John Aaron. He was good at his job, but soon he had a yearning to go to Egypt. There, in the sands, he found two gauntlets that read, "Whoever wears these bands shall possess the power of Ares, God of War." Placing the bands on his wrists, John found himself imbued with the power of Ares. With his memories back, Ares decided to stay on Earth and combat evil. Soon after, he found himself allied with the Avengers. Seeing a group worthy of his power, Ares joined, and became the main tactician of the group.

Powers and Abilities


Super Strength: Being a natural god, Ares possesses the capacity to lift over 80 tons. The Gauntlets of Ares around his wrists boost his strength to 100 tons.

Immortality: Ares is virtually unkillable, but not completely unkillable. He is rendered immune to the natural effects of aging, is immune to disease, and heals most injuries instantaneously.

Super Durability: Ares is superhumanly durable, as his tissues are significantly enhanced. He is bulletproof, and this durability is further enhanced by his healing factor.

Super Stamina: Ares is able to fight without obvious end, once having fought an alien race for months without stopping.

Super Speed: Ares can run at 500 MPH, but he rarely uses this ability.

Teleportation: Ares can teleport to Mount Olympus and back at will, and can also open a portal to dimensions filled with weapons of all kinds. He can supposedly teleport through this pocket dimension, though has never been seen doing so.

Ares God 5

The original god Ares leading the charge on the Kree.

Super Agility: Ares is more agile than most humans, nearly, but not quite, able to dodge bullets.

Basic Sorcery: Ares has the power to sense gods, mystical beings, and magic, and once was seen creating a counter universe.


Weapons Expert: Ares is well-versed in the knowledge of all weapons that have ever existed, and thus, when he finds a new weapon, he can master it by comparing it to older ones.

Expert Combatant: As the God of War, Ares has an encyclopedic knowledge of combat.

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