"Over all these years, this is what my arch-nemesis has been reduced to?"

-Johann Schmidt

Red Skull
Dell Rusk (4126)
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation HYDRA
Base of Operations Hydra Island
Age 47
Alignment Evil
Marital Status Widower
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair Bald (formerly black)
Skin Red
Unusual Features Red Skull for face
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth-4126
Place of Birth Germany
Created by Artemis Panther

"Dell Rusk" is the Red Skull, arch-nemesis of Captain America from World War 2


Before HYDRA

Before he became the leader of HYDRA, Johann was married to a beautiful woman named Edna. They were expecting a child, but she was killed by Johann one day, after he was inducted into HYDRA.

The Head

Red Skull (4126)

Red Skull

After joining HYDRA at the start of World War 2, he quickly worked his way up by killing ruthlessly and demanding everything be done his way. After he killed Baron Schleitiv, Johann was made the leader. He later discovered he had a disease that made his skin peal off and make his skeleton red. He decided this was a plus and he injected himself with Infinity Formula in order to stay alive, and it gave him super strength.

Presumed Deceased

When Captain America and the Howling Commandos broke into Hydra Island, Red Skull had the missile activated and he planned to launch it himself. But Captain America got to him and they battled. When Skull was knocked out, Cap disarmed the missile, but it still blew up, presumably killing the Red Skull.

Dell Rusk

In the preset day, a man named Dell Rusk appears as a business tycoon, who the people love even more than Tony Stark. Dell was, to no one's knowledge, secretly the Red Skull, who planned on dismantling the Avengers. He led his own team called Code Red, which often battled the Avengers.

Steve Rogers

One day, Dell visited the trailer park in which Steve Rogers lives. They both knew who the other was and they threatened each other. When Dell asked what Steve could possibly do, he revealed he has the entire trailer park lined with explosives that will only go off if Steve presses the switch. So, Dell leaves before Steve can do anything else.

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