She Thing 1175

Jennifer's F4 costume (note that it is darker than the others).

She-Thing is the daughter of the Thing and Alicia Masters. She was seemingly born normal, but on her 13th birthday, she shifted into her hard-rock form. She worked on it for weeks, and was eventually able to shift back into her normal form. She soon found she had the gift of shifting between her forms naturally. She didn't even mind being blind. She now had the power to thrash criminals, and have a social life, which made Jen Grimm the happiest of all.


The Thing and Alicia Masters met when she infiltrated the Fantastic 4 at her father's request. However, they still fell in love. After a while, they saw that the rest of the Fantastic Four were having children, and they decided to try. There were some complications, as the baby was too big for Alicia to carry.But Reed was able to create an exact womb-like environment that was twice the size. After about 6 months of this environment, a healthy baby girl was born, and she was named Jennifer.

Jennifer had a mostly good childhood. Her home life was wonderful. She loved her mother and father. But her school life was terrible. Everyone made fun of her for the fact that she was blind, even the teachers. So she was pulled out of school and home-schooled by her godparents, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. She received a terrific education under them. And when she turned 13, she morphed into her father's Thing form. She was unwillingly stuck in this form for weeks, but she turned back into her old self again.

She began training in her Thing form, and soon showed to be stronger than her father. However, for an unknown reason, her strength diminished when she beat her father. She didn't care though, when Daniel tried to bully her, she was able to fend him off. And when Luna joined the team, Jen decided she should be allowed in, though she soon found she did not like her attitude. Despite what she brought to the table, she took some of the emotion away as well. But Jen was able to make friends with her, which basically kept her from being kicked off the team.

Powers and Abilities


Rocky Transformation: She-Thing possesses the ability to transform her skin and tissues to an organic rock.

Superhuman Strength: She-Thing's rock form has superhuman strength allowing her to lift 85 tons.

Super Stamina: She-Thing was capable of fighting for hours without tiring, as her rock muscles produced no fatigue poisons.

Invulnerability: She-Thing cannot be harmed by any conventional means.

Slowed Aging: Jennifer does not age in her rock form, but she does age in her human form.


Combatant: Jennifer excels at powered and unarmed combat.

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